Wednesday, November 14, 2007

tiny mother

sparrow is having lots of fun in role play these days--being a mom, that is.

the other day, i noticed she was telling her elephant "lie down!" so she could diaper him. but then she must have realized she was still in the kitchen, and so she took her elephant and toddled down the hallway, and thomas and i snuck behind her all the way into the diaper room. once there, she put her elephant down on the changing pad and said, things like "poopy diaper" and "wipe wipe" (when she got the wipes out and wiped his blue elephant bottom). she even found a new diaper, and finally thomas and i helped her put it on him because she was getting frustrated with the dimensions of the project, but the diaper enveloped the elephant's entire torso. so we took it and put it on her purple teddy bear, which is much bigger. just now she decided bear must have a poopy diaper, and laid him on the counter, opened it, and pointed inside, saying "poopy diaper." she is so insightful. hahahahaha!

holly took her to the zoo today with samuel and hope and camille. sparrow got so excited by this adventure that she didn't even end up taking a nap at all today. i swear i nursed her for about an hour and a half, and she kept letting go and looking up at me with her big round eyes and saying things like "fishies!" and "mow-key! one, two, mow-key!" (monkey.) one time she told me, "long neck--holly--long neck." what? holly has a long neck? ok. ...OH! you saw the "long necks" with holly! (sparrow refers to giraffes as "long neck;" i think it's because she can't pronounce giraffe yet.)

she has so much fun with samuel and hope, she gets really excited every time we are driving to their house. i have to sing her songs all the way there like "there's a jason and a samuel and a hope and a holly on a bump on a log in the hole in the middle of the sea!" and "deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa la la la la, lalala la. this the time to go be jolly, falalalalalalalala. you will get to play with hope, falalalalalala la la, while mama goes to help rod cope, fa la la la la, lalalala!"

today when i picked her up i gave her a piece of bagel to eat in the car. pretty soon i heard "moe? moe?" and i said, "sparrow, more!? you still have a huge chunk of bagel in your hand!" pause, pause, then she says, "moe--hope!" hahahaha! she must love having baby hope around. holly tells me that whenever hope is taking her nap, sparrow will walk around for long periods of time saying "hope, night-night. hope, night-night."

something else funny the other night was when i had her on the floor to change her diaper. my foot was right by her head, and she looked over at it, and then said, "duddy--foot." (dirty.) it's true!!!!! i rarely get down to scrubbing my feet. saying "duddy" is a pretty common one now. she eagerly points into her book of farm animals and says, "duddy piggy!"

she likes to run around with a sleeping baby doll that i found in one of my old trunks, from when we were kids. she had been seeing dolls in books and already had the word "baby doll" down perfectly, so i thought i should get her a baby doll soon, but then i found this one. even better! she got really upset today when she was trying to put a diaper on this baby doll and it was way too huge. but her absolute favorite thing to do with the baby doll is to say "nu-nu baby doll!" and put her up to me as if she is nursing. she absolutely LOVES watching that! and she does it with her bear too.

sparrow is correctly identifying colors! today she looked at this muti-colored script on the back of a book, and pointing at the tiny individually colored letters, correctly pointed out green, blue, pink, and orange! i am so proud of her for that.

Friday, November 2, 2007

she speaks sentences!

last night, driving home from the reeves, little sparrow in her car seat suddenly says, "oh no! dark outside!" oh my gosh it killed me. i didn't even realize she knew what "dark" was, much less how to use it in a sentence!