Monday, April 27, 2009

Answer my survey!

My business class adventure has taken me here there, and back again. After making my vision board, i realized there was a lot on there having to do with...babies. and birth. and so, we discovered that "doing the next thing" means doing the next thing. My business plan will be for teaching birth classes. Here I have created some market research, and i need people to fill it out! only people in the tri-counties, please. You gotta be close enough to drive to me. Thank YER.

Survey for Parents
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Survey for Non-Parents
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Friday, April 24, 2009

march quotes

"i'm a little concerned" -march 1, walking around the park

"mom, you're my life. and i like you." -march 2

thomas: "how far away are the clouds? can we touch the clouds?"
sp: "no. only God does." (as if to say: "duh!") -march 1

(playing princess castle)
me: "and how are your rabbits doing?"
sp: "good, they're sleeping in their cage."
me: "and how are your horses and your ponies?"
sp: "good, and they're all standing up, but i have to calm them down." -march 6

(working with dough for bread)
sp: "the dough is frustrating me."
me: "well what do you do if something frustrates you?"
sp: "um...lick it!" -march 8

"mom--i made a basket! and we have to keep it safe. and i don't want the alligators to eat it. and it's going far far away so the alligators are no seen to be where!" -march 11
(haha--her noble efforts to incorporate language she's heard in books.
also, she was playing "baby moses," at the time. she is obsessed with baby moses.)

me: "oh no! what are you gonna do without your toe?"
sp: "i have four ones." -march 20 (check those subtraction skills!)

(wanting to go outside and splash in puddles)
me: "i don't want you outside by yourself."
sp: "it's God in his boots splashing in puddles. God is with me out there!" -march 21

playing with alphabet blocks:
"J is for rabbit, N is for bird, I is for penguin!" -march 22

(i have so far stayed far far away from alphabet-learning and alphabet recognition with sparrow, as i want her artistic side to be as fully developed as possible without the box-brain, as i call it, that is often forced too early, pushing out the free-thinking artistic brain that is so natural in children under five. i have no doubt she will learn to read with great speed when the time is right!)

"can i be Mary in your wrap that Golden lives in?" -march 22
(another common theme: playing "mary," and you always have to be wearing a cloth over your head, of course!)

"i love my normalest normalest baby." -march 23

me: "chocolate is not food in that sense. it's a treat."
sp: "mom--are you gonna give me one at that sense?" -march 23

(more chocolate discussion)
sp: "can i hold one?"
me: "what do you think is gonna happen if i give you one?"
me: "well, it will either melt, or..."
sp: "it's gonna melt or be in my tummy." -march 23

me: "goldie doesn't live here anymore. she lives in oxnard with her family."
sp: "can we live in boxnard too?" -march 23

sparrow telling herself a story:
"...and all the elephants were dancing, and the one in the middle said, 'make sure you play ring around the rosie!'" -march 24

"are we gonna watch the cinnamons tonight, daddy?" (simpsons) -march 24

sp: "mom, mary was so sad and Jesus was so sad that he died on the cross. ...and the soldiers put a necklace on his head and it hurted Jesuses hair and forehead."
me: "yeah. did you learn that at sunday school?"
sp: "yeah, GodJesus was in the Bible and we were reading it at MOPS." -march 26

"my husband's chicken is just like your chicken!" -march 26

"wine, wine, wine. the father's drinking wine!" -march 28

"we made a big tent! mom, would you like to enjoin us?" -march 29