Friday, December 3, 2010

november nuttiness

sp: "it's really fun to discover." (after she figured out that red and blue make purple while drawing a rainbow) -nov. 2

sp: "buzz lightyear can't have dinner."
me: "why?"
sp: "because he's mean."
me: "but he got nice at the end of the movie."
sp: "why?"
me: "cause he got humbled."
a few minutes later, thomas came into the room. golden holds up the buzz lightyear figure and says,
"he get humbled!" -nov. 2

sp: "a sandwich came into my room and said, 'no preservatives!'" -nov. 4

me: "you met auntie holly before. the first time you met her you were only 3 weeks old, a tiiiiiiiiiiiiiny baby!"
sp: "when my head was shaped like a triangle!" -nov. 5

sp: "do people get a hundred years old--til they're as old as a giant?" -nov. 5

(golden singing)
"i got the love of jason in my heart!" -nov. 6

sparrow flaps the cover of a book open, setting it on her lap, and says, "i'm gonna look at my laptop...what?! lauren had a baby?" -nov. 7 (wow, she understands that's how i find out about people's babies nowadays!)

when sparrow showed her something, golden said, "das really cool." -nov. 7 (hee hee! 2 yrs old! so sweet!)

G: "pizza. can swim." -nov. 9

sparrow drawing a spider. when she had drawn 7 legs on one side,
sp: "eight?"
me: "yeah."
sp: " can't have one more on that side!" (very distressed!) -nov. 10

sp: "God made the inside of us with waterproof. AND it's amazing that this waterproof can bend!" -nov. 10

song, "and ransom captive israel..." on in the background,
sp: "it's the kind of captain that saves people." -nov. 10

learning about lazarus, sparrow kept calling him "razzle-us." -nov. 10

g: "can i have some water? i want some caffeine in it." -nov. 10

sp: "that's a LOAD of bananas!" -nov. 10

g: "he's kicking. so faster." -nov. 10

sp: "let's pretend that herod walked up to this bowl of oatmeal and he climbed up to the edge, and he said, 'oh, gunness! that's a BUNCH of oatmeal!'" -nov. 11

g: "poky poky is the lord." (trying to remember a bible verse) -nov. 11

golden singing, "the horn, it does doodli doodli..." -nov. 11

sp: "what's recycling?"
me: "it's the kind of trash that you can make new stuff out of."
sp: "like what...collages?" -nov. 12

sparrow did a painting that we glued our family's heads onto. golden looks at the one of me, and says  "that's mommy--when you're older." -nov. 14

silas was nursing pretty vigorously one day while we were praying. sparrow leans over to me and whispers, "he's gonna get a brain freeze." -nov. 14

sp: "who in the world is named Gunness?"
me: "why, cause we say 'oh, gunness'?"
sp: " no, cause we say, 'thank Gunness.'" -nov. 15

golden shoves a microphone in my face and says, "talk about it." -nov. 15

(thomas walks into the room)
g: "hello, love." -nov. 15

me: "peas are a superfood."
sp: "what's a superfood?"
me: "it gives you super energy."
(me eating some peas out of her bowl)
sp: "why are you eating them? i don't want to have a little bit of super energy!" -nov. 15

sp: "i ate the chicken bra!" (broth) -nov. 15

g: "look! i'm hiding in the corny! i'm hiding in the corny! sparrow, hide in the corny!"
(sparrow hides in a corner too)
g: "now we both have corns." -nov. 18

me: why did that little doll table break again?"
g: "i dunno. i sat on it. with my body." -nov. 19

me: "you know what this song reminds me of? the whole foods in san francisco."
sp: "you know what mom? san francisco reminds me of itself." -nov. 20

(i made a pancake shaped like a heart)
g: "d'you wan' a heart pancake, mom?"
me: "no, i made it for you cause i love you."
g: "...maybe sticka da wall." -nov. 21 (so sweet! she wanted me to put it up on the wall for display, she thought it was so cool!)

(after we got a box of hand-me-downs from a friend for golden)
me to sparrow: "well, elliana is smaller than you, so she can't really pass her things down to you."
sp: "you mean UP to me?" -nov. 23

golden has taken to calling sparrow "sparrito." (she has heard it from me a few times!) so cute when she says, "come on, sparrito!"

me: "maybe we can make that manger today."
sp: "but can we put beautiful things in front of it? silas in a bumbo seat?" -nov. 26

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

happy advent time

our first advent was a beautiful time of warmth, togetherness, and anticipation. we made a jesse tree out of trader joe's paper bags to put onto the wall in the kitchen. we read the scriptures from isaiah and 1st samuel and sang christmas songs. then i had a special treat up my sleeve, an advent package from auntie martina in germany! she is so thoughtful, the girls were ecstatic, of course! she sent beautiful german woodcut ornaments and chocolate and tea and coloring books and cookies and then some! what a beautiful auntie i have. so amazing. i long for her to know the higher Love that drives the true excitement into this season! my girls (esp. sparrow) are so excited about Jesus; her idea was to make a manger and put "all our beautiful things" in front of it as an offering to baby Jesus. i even made a manger that sunday morning out of cardboard, but alas! it buckled quite quickly with golden  trying to put her dolly into it! perhaps we can reinforce and salvage it... we skipped second advent because we were out, but did third advent today and the girls made apple symbols for the jesse tree. golden's apple is sooo adorable! both apples are. i like these little crafts because i can make up anything simple and the girls are pleased to do it and pleased to tape their creations onto our 2-D tree. (though i do have my reservations about doing these "directed" crafts with golden, i think that kind of thing is mostly detrimental for a young artist's development. praying the good will outweigh that, though.)  the jesse tree is such a wonderful way to keep the focus on the story of Christ, and to teach Christ's centrality to the family from a young age. it takes you through the old testament with creation, the fall, the story of the covenant, israel, and all the key people leading up to Jesus.
lighting the candle

peeking princess with the fall crown

favorite curtain game

package from auntie martina

the jesse tree

golden calls this "apple and a raindrop." so there she is still being creative after i gave her a guided "apple and leaf" craft to do!