Friday, December 3, 2010

november nuttiness

sp: "it's really fun to discover." (after she figured out that red and blue make purple while drawing a rainbow) -nov. 2

sp: "buzz lightyear can't have dinner."
me: "why?"
sp: "because he's mean."
me: "but he got nice at the end of the movie."
sp: "why?"
me: "cause he got humbled."
a few minutes later, thomas came into the room. golden holds up the buzz lightyear figure and says,
"he get humbled!" -nov. 2

sp: "a sandwich came into my room and said, 'no preservatives!'" -nov. 4

me: "you met auntie holly before. the first time you met her you were only 3 weeks old, a tiiiiiiiiiiiiiny baby!"
sp: "when my head was shaped like a triangle!" -nov. 5

sp: "do people get a hundred years old--til they're as old as a giant?" -nov. 5

(golden singing)
"i got the love of jason in my heart!" -nov. 6

sparrow flaps the cover of a book open, setting it on her lap, and says, "i'm gonna look at my laptop...what?! lauren had a baby?" -nov. 7 (wow, she understands that's how i find out about people's babies nowadays!)

when sparrow showed her something, golden said, "das really cool." -nov. 7 (hee hee! 2 yrs old! so sweet!)

G: "pizza. can swim." -nov. 9

sparrow drawing a spider. when she had drawn 7 legs on one side,
sp: "eight?"
me: "yeah."
sp: " can't have one more on that side!" (very distressed!) -nov. 10

sp: "God made the inside of us with waterproof. AND it's amazing that this waterproof can bend!" -nov. 10

song, "and ransom captive israel..." on in the background,
sp: "it's the kind of captain that saves people." -nov. 10

learning about lazarus, sparrow kept calling him "razzle-us." -nov. 10

g: "can i have some water? i want some caffeine in it." -nov. 10

sp: "that's a LOAD of bananas!" -nov. 10

g: "he's kicking. so faster." -nov. 10

sp: "let's pretend that herod walked up to this bowl of oatmeal and he climbed up to the edge, and he said, 'oh, gunness! that's a BUNCH of oatmeal!'" -nov. 11

g: "poky poky is the lord." (trying to remember a bible verse) -nov. 11

golden singing, "the horn, it does doodli doodli..." -nov. 11

sp: "what's recycling?"
me: "it's the kind of trash that you can make new stuff out of."
sp: "like what...collages?" -nov. 12

sparrow did a painting that we glued our family's heads onto. golden looks at the one of me, and says  "that's mommy--when you're older." -nov. 14

silas was nursing pretty vigorously one day while we were praying. sparrow leans over to me and whispers, "he's gonna get a brain freeze." -nov. 14

sp: "who in the world is named Gunness?"
me: "why, cause we say 'oh, gunness'?"
sp: " no, cause we say, 'thank Gunness.'" -nov. 15

golden shoves a microphone in my face and says, "talk about it." -nov. 15

(thomas walks into the room)
g: "hello, love." -nov. 15

me: "peas are a superfood."
sp: "what's a superfood?"
me: "it gives you super energy."
(me eating some peas out of her bowl)
sp: "why are you eating them? i don't want to have a little bit of super energy!" -nov. 15

sp: "i ate the chicken bra!" (broth) -nov. 15

g: "look! i'm hiding in the corny! i'm hiding in the corny! sparrow, hide in the corny!"
(sparrow hides in a corner too)
g: "now we both have corns." -nov. 18

me: why did that little doll table break again?"
g: "i dunno. i sat on it. with my body." -nov. 19

me: "you know what this song reminds me of? the whole foods in san francisco."
sp: "you know what mom? san francisco reminds me of itself." -nov. 20

(i made a pancake shaped like a heart)
g: "d'you wan' a heart pancake, mom?"
me: "no, i made it for you cause i love you."
g: "...maybe sticka da wall." -nov. 21 (so sweet! she wanted me to put it up on the wall for display, she thought it was so cool!)

(after we got a box of hand-me-downs from a friend for golden)
me to sparrow: "well, elliana is smaller than you, so she can't really pass her things down to you."
sp: "you mean UP to me?" -nov. 23

golden has taken to calling sparrow "sparrito." (she has heard it from me a few times!) so cute when she says, "come on, sparrito!"

me: "maybe we can make that manger today."
sp: "but can we put beautiful things in front of it? silas in a bumbo seat?" -nov. 26

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