Thursday, May 2, 2013

March and April...Say What?

Silas (age 2) had a taste of Daddy's beer, and then walked around all proud of himself, saying, "Daddy--gave 'em--BAER." -March 1

Silas is obsessed with motorcycles, and has several small play ones. For some reason he has taken to calling them "Mr. Motorcycle." The other day he lost one, and said to me, "Mr. MO-cycle is GONE." Then he walked around the house, calling softly, "Where AH you, yellow mo-cycle, where AH you?" -March 1st

Golden (age 4): "There's not only one children in the world. ...There's HUNDREDS." -March 1st

I was trying to put Silas down for a nap, and as he snuggled in, he said, "Sing Daddy's song."
me: "How does it go?"
Silas: "Daddy Daddy Daddy song, Daddy Daddy Daddy--I can't!"
me: Singing "Daddy Daddy" to the tune of "twinkle twinkle little star." When I finish, Silas, without missing a beat, says,
"Sing Go-den song." -March 2

Silas: "I'm munster" (monster)
me: "Munster cheese."
Sparrow: "Monster cheese, or cheese monster?"
Silas: "Monster hot dog." -March 5

Sparrow (age 6): "Bulls are addicted to red." -March 12

Talking about different creation theories, I told Sparrow that some people believe God made the world in millions of years. She says,
"Do some people believe God is only as big as this house, and that's why it took Him a long time to make a tree?" -March 12

Golden: "I know what 'blending in' is. If you're pink, and something else is pink, you can blend in." -March 13

Sp: "I can't find the tooth rinser." (cup) -March 16

It was the night of our move, and Silas had skipped his nap and it was late, and he was obviously overtired and feeling a little crazy with all the moving action. I put him to bed, and he was crying.
Silas: "I wanna go home."
me: "We are home."
Si: "Oh WHY?"
me: "Because God gave us a new home."
Si: "Oh WHY?"
me: "Because He loves us."
Si: "Oh WHY?"
He cried a bit more, then remembered something very important, "Oh wha- 'bout our CAR?" booohooohooo! me: "It's right outside, Silas. It's really OK." -Apr. 16 (LOL, so sensitive and cute!)

Si: "Mommy, guess what?"
me: "What?"
Si: "Car." -March 18

Me, working on computer.
Si: "Mommy, weee--going---to--beach."
Me: "We are?"
Si: "Mommy, turn 'puter off." -March 18 (Awwww! Single tear!)

Silas, mad about something, puts hands on his hips and says, "Who's--kidding--me!" -March 21

I was listing off the 5 love languages. Golden adds, "AND the YMCA!" -March 21

Si: "I LOVE Deutsch!" -March 21

Sp: "It'd be cool to have a cooker thing, cause you can make corn bread and you can wash dishes in it."
me: "What, you can make corn bread AND wash dishes in it?"
Sp: "Yeah."
me: "What the heck are you talking about?"
Sp: "A thing!" -March 24

Silas calls pancakes "Bake-bakes and flip-flops "foot-lops." Heeeheeeheee! -March 24

Si: "Mom, I'm coloring a snail AND a big, scary boy." -March 26

Sp: "I don't like going to sleep. I just don't like laying there, not knowing that I'm alive." April 8

G: "Mom, remember that 'yogurt' monster... uh... I mean, ogre." -Apr. 12

We went to Trader Joe's for the first time after moving out to Gloucester. When we entered the parking lot, Silas, said, "OH! We're HOME!" -Apr. 19

Si: "I wanna watch the um-cuter (computer) and I wanna watch dump trucks." -Apr. 21

Silas, to Golden: "We're to-lly best friends." -Apr. 25

Silas, to Daddy: "Guess what? ...You love me." -Apr. 25

Si: "Was trying to get a peanut butter sandwich, and then I want it." -Apr. 28 (and all the time!)