Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Funnies—July and August 2014

Golden, while playing Playmobil with her sister, was pretending that one of her horses was overheating. Her comment on the matter: "Then he was hotting himself to death..." -July 2

While Daddy was thanking God for the evening meal, Pippa sincerely chimed in, with eyes closed, "and Thomas Train..." -July 2

Silas, hearing honking: "Mom, that sounds like the church's train." (there are rail road tracks near our church, and the train going by is always THE experience at church for him. LOL.) -July 13

Golden: "In winter, let's put CRUMBS all over our snowman, and the birds will land ALL over it!" -July 14

Sparrow: "You scared it. Maybe it died of terror-fissation." -July 14

Sp: "Mom, these are the things I am interested in: God, Bows and arrows, Narnia, and dinosaurs." -July 16

Golden woke up crying in the middle of the night.
Me: "What's wrong? What's the matter? Do you need something?"
G: "I want—I want—me, without a dream!" -July 21

Pippa always says "hind you!" if you ask her where something is. Her undies, her daddy, the car that's straight in front of me... "hind you!" -all month long

If the phone rings, Pippa runs over to me and yells, "CALLING YOU!!!" -all month long

Pippa calls eye buggars "Boogie eye." -all month long

Me, taking selfies with Pippa and Silas: "You guys are the cutest ever."
Si: "Yeah. And you're the biggest. Ever." -July 22

Me: "Did you go potty?"
Pippa: "Yes!"
Me: "I'm so proud of you! Where are your undies?"
Pippa: "Liddy-voom!" (Living room, hahahaha.) -July 23

Me: "Well, even if you have all the trucks int he world, it won't make you any happier. Happy comes from the inside."
Si: "No, it will make me cooler, Mom." (Whhhhaaaaaaaat?!) -Aug. 16

Sp: "Mom, if we didn't have a nose, it would make lunch a lot more noisy."
G: "And a lot more dangerous." -Aug. 17

Si: "No, Mom, jets do NOT go,  'Whee! Go, go, go!' When they take off." -Aug. 20

Pippa wakes up crying at 12:30 AM.
Me: "What's wrong?"
P: "Because I spilled it!!" (wailing continues.)
I picker her  up and her undies are all wet. She sure DID spill it! ...Thankfully, I have a waterproof pad on that mattress! Yesssssss........ -Aug. 20

Golden: "This is so easy that you can't resist it." (Haha, she meant, "can't miss it!") -Aug. 24

Sp: "I can tell you swish-n-swiped this bathroom today.
Awww!  Way to encourage a mommy! -Aug. 25

Si: "I have a poem for you."
Me: "OK, let's hear it."
Si: "I want to buy—
Lots of trucks.
I need to buy—
Lots of trucks.
And I want them,
And I really really want them." -Aug. 29

Pippa, passionately singing a song that the girls made up for fun:
"Nasty, nasty butterfly,
Nasty, nasty in the sky." -Aug.30

Pippa was sitting all alone on the couch looking at a book about guinea pigs. She was saying to herself, "Little Mama, little Daddy, little Monster." -Aug. 31

Dad: "So who remembers something from the Bible reading?"
Golden: "Me!...Um, Your skin is like twilight, and it will be very white."
Me: "Right! Our sins were like scarlet, but they are made white as snow!" -Aug. 31

Things I never thought I'd have to articulate:

"We don't do kitchen chores naked." -July 13

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Golden Turns Six

You are an original. You are going to be just like you.

I absolutely love when you break out into uncontrollable giggles because you just thought of one of your "what-if" scenarios--like when you heard the phrase "that song is stuck in my head," and you imagined a guy with a music song book literally STUCK in his head!You make us all smile.

I just love watching you bloom.

I love that you still love to hold my hand.

I love that you still want to sleep in our bed. (And I wish we had more room in it!)

Because you are still six. Just fresh. Just sweet and eager to laugh and eager to learn.
That beautiful baby-wonder is still on you, and watching it in you is pure delight in my days.

You spend so much time drawing. Your soul is full of beautiful pictures.
You love animals and you really sense things deeply. You love to hold on to the precious things of the past.

This year you lost another blankie, which hurt your little soul, I am so sorry!
And you lost a skirt in the woods, which you also still lament.
You even cried when Silas dropped his airplane out the car window and it got run over by a truck. I mean, you cried at the memory. Months and months later.

You have the sweetest sensitivity. Hold on to that. The Holy Spirit will speak to you through that as you get stronger and more mature and get to know His crazy love more and more!

But for now, ...be free to be just you. You with the big soul. Destined for wisdom. I am astonished to have given birth to a girl like you. You are not from me. You are from God. Don't be afraid to soar up on your own to pursue your unique God-given dreams. You have gold inside you.

Yesterday you were born. Today you are six.

I love you indescribably.
Love, Mommy

Click below to watch the slideshow of Golden's 6th year of life!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Silas Turns Four

My son turned FOUR years old today!!! He told me that he is going to be 19 someday, and eleventeen too, and also informed me (since he's going on 19 and about to get his jet pilot license) that jets do NOT go "whee, go, go go!" when they take off. Oops. Right?  

He has been telling us all summer (and telling strangers, too), that he was "gonna be four in August." Now that day has finally come, and he could barely contain himself with the joy of a desire fulfilled. And getting a super aircraft carrier toy at the breakfast table helped along the excitement too! ...I know, I know. I maybe shouldn't have bought it. But you know what? Those times when I really wanted something, and my mom actually bought it for me? Those few and precious times? Those are some of my most treasured memories of my childhood. Just remembering how special it made me feel that she would say yes, and make the sacrifice, and get me that thing. That was bonding for me. Of course, I was a girl! Hahaha! Ah, shopping... 

Anyways, his favorite movie these past couple of months has been the National Geographic documentary, "Super Carrier." He will just watch the whole thing every day if you let him. Hah. I really enjoyed watching him love that. It beats Barney, that's for sure!

So here I sit just cherishing age 4. The way he smiled at me over mealtime prayer tonight, like his face was gonna break, was priceless!

If he had a smile-cracked face, I had a bursting heart.  

Here are some pictures of his age 3 year. I...kind of miss age 3 already! Not that I don't like age 4. I love it! But I know that today comes only once. And I know, that I know, that I KNOW, that when I look back on this time it will bear nothing but golden memories of him and his sweet boyishness that was just barely overtaking his babyhood. It is absolutely riveting and heartbreaking to be part of it. I am just feeling the beauty.

I love you, Silas. You are going to be incredible this year. And every year after that will be better and better too—it is so fun to be on the journey—I mean, the jet ride—with you!

Watch my sentimental slideshow here, or simply scroll through the pictures below... (they are the same)