Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Golden, on her Seventh Birthday

I love that little Golden is seven. She came out in four hours start to finish, and stole my heart right from the beginning. She is subtle, graceful, a little shy. Hilarious. She makes up the craziest dances! Her humor comes out like surprising little rainbow-colored bubbles, escaping from a pool of serene thought and beauty.

The feeling I have when thinking about Golden is a deep feeling of joy in my chest and stomach. It is calm. It makes me want to cry. She's a treasure and she's true to her name.  I'm feeling from the Holy Spirit that Golden's destiny is to be a wellspring of wisdom, soothing those in her presence. She brings otherworldliness onto a room, but with a compassionate grace. She elevates. She lives in beauty. Her childlikeness, and her appreciative nature, cause others to see the present moment as a drop of treasure and to value the life they are in.