Saturday, April 15, 2017

Pippa's fifth birthday

Pippa the firecracker! She has grown by leaps and bounds this year and enchanted (and frustrated!) us all with her insatiable thirst for learning and getting things done. She is my best dinner helper, always wanting to get her hands on REAL things and do things that have a REAL effect. Real knives. Real vegetables. Real fire. She was never much one for pretend play or dolls. Nope. No dolls. But whenever I let her, she's right there helping me with everything. This year was quite eventful for her!

She has begun drawing representational things. And they are darling.
She started writing her name (all on her own)
She cut her own hair
Her cat died
A baby brother was born.

December 2016

The infamous haircut, Christmas day it looked like this.

On her birthday, Blaise was only a few days old. My German friend Christine came over and brought a delicious German cake and flowers! Pippa got a school workbook (she loves workbooks), some puzzles, and an umbrella. Later we had to celebrate again with Daddy home from work. I think we finally finished watching Pete's dragon (which you remember had been interrupted by Blaise's labor), while we were finishing the cake at 9PM! She had asked for an MnM 5 cake, so even though we'd already had cake that day... we had another! I love you so much, Pippa. God has his fingerprints all over you! Love, Mama

From the instagram post:
My wilder one is 5 today! 5 years ago we were living with friends in a city we had just moved to and one day I just sat there so sad for my little coming one, no place to put a nursing chair, no one who cares to shower her with welcome. God stopped me in my tracks by bringing to mind Mary the mother of Jesus. No room in the inn. No baby shower, no rocking chair. In fact, she was giving birth next to the animals and had to set the baby in a feed trough because there wasn't even a bed! From then on there was a joyful fierceness in my pregnancy and labor. WE would love her. WE would make room. From the moment she came out, she's been a heralder. Her voice was so strong that the nursing staff couldn't believe she wasn't a 3-month old! She is a heralder of the Kingdom. She is one who makes room. Happy birthday, you fierce one. Go big.

 I love you so much, Pippa. Love, Mama

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Silver's 2nd birthday

Silver turned two!

There was a blizzard the day before, so we were still pretty snowed in on January 9th, her big day. Haha, funny story about Silver in the blizzard, for it was the first time she remembered seeing snow: when she got snow on her mittens, she said, "Oh no! Dirty! Wash hands!"

Thankfully we had everything we needed in the house for a party, even the people, for this is one of the big benefits of having a lot of children: having a party always at hand without having to invite anyone else!

From the family journal:
She woke up all smiles, even though she is recovering from a cold--her bangs had been cut for the first time yesterday, so I could see her eyes--her gray-green-blue starburst eyes. The children were really enthusiastic about celebrating her, and we decided to make french toast, not start school after all (it was a Monday), and have a cozy day. Silas and Pippa helped me make the cake--and begged for taste after taste of batter! After which I eventually sent them out of the kitchen. A baker has to focus!

It was hard fore me to insist on Silver's nap, as she really didn't want to take i, but better a happy party girl than a grumpy one, and sleep makes happy.

We had a little tea party when she woke up, which was quickly followed by dinner because Thomas came home from work. We ate the good leftovers from all I had cooked for "crazy cooking day" yesterday.

Then--to finish the cake! I had cut the cake into two layers and put a butter cream in the middle, but the top layer was whipped cream and gelatin for stability, and we colored it pink and sprinkled on some really OLD chocolate covered sunflower seeds we'd found in the back of the cupboard--stale but colorful!

Silver, in a party dress, was so delighted with it and with her present--a new "bathing baby" doll--they played with it for a long time after dinner--Golden helping her get the water into the little tub--she's such a sweet big sister.

Then we watched a nature show all together in the big bed. By the way, they are really into the soundtrack from the movie Trolls and one of the songs in particular, even Silver practically knows by heart. She sings with gusto, " I WILL GET BACK UP AGAIN!"

We are so happy to have this sparkly one in our lives and home. May this next year be full of growth and the Holy Spirit for her. Angels. Keep her safe, Father, show her she can trust you.
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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Silas' 6th Birthday and Some Anecdotes

I just saw Silas at the library playing with another boy. He was chasing the younger boy around, silently. Every now and then the other boy would RUN to the shelf and pullout a book or a few books and throw them on the floor. And every time he did, Silas would go over and put the book back into the shelf. And then the little boy would do it again. And Silas would silently pick it up and reshelve again. Then the book chunks started getting bigger and bigger. Next time the boy ran over to pull books out, Silas stood in front of him and said, "don't mess up the books." The boy got a little upset with him. But Silas stood firm.  -July 18, 2016

Us: "Silas, would you like a little brother?"
Silas: "No. ...I can play with my sisters now." June 2016


(Continued 2-07-17) It's been such a long time since I journaled on here! I wanted to relate about Silas, and his turning six, and Golden, and her turning 8. We'll do Silas in this post, even though his birthday is later, because I already related two summer anecdotes about him above!

Silas' birthday was a home day. Thomas had the car at work, so we were home bound, but auntie Martina had sent him $50 and I had bought him a few presents, the most memorable of which was a 50-pc set of crayola colored pencils. We ALL fell in love with them! And spent most of the day in fact on my bed coloring! Silas was being really generous and sharing them.

Later we had a party at the Mariners Museum! The Thompsons were able to come and so were Mrs. Crowder and Asher. We had baked a cake and decorated it with blue frosting and fruits that the girls made into boat-shapes! It was a HOT day and I feared the icing would melt--it was whipped-cream based--but it didn't and I think Silas had a good time.

Silas, you are beautiful. Thank you for being so sincere, and so willing to help--you have a great attitude about that, and it shows your heart of gold. I love that you love the outdoors and animals so much (animals are your favorite thing in the world), and I love your enthusiasm about dinosaurs. Haha--I know I will someday miss you going into "T-rex mode." You are serious and funny and sweet and still Smiley Silas. What an amazing gift you have been to me and Daddy, for six whole years now. I pray you grow in wisdom and faith this year--that you would find strength when you need it, believe in the angels God has placed around you, that you would find comfort when you need it, and encouragement and hope. You are doing so good. Thank you too, for being my enthusiastic trash-bag replacer. You have no idea what a help that is! I love you like crazy. I can't wait to take you to the jungle! Love, Mama

What we did all day on Silas' birthday

They like beer for some reason. He got his own non-alcoholic beer for his birthday dinner! 

That's a peach-boat cake.

Opening some cool stuff. This was a badminton set that I got him. 

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Golden's 8th Birthday

Golden the Golden.

This will be addressed to you directly.

You're precious, wise, thoughtful. I love your sensitive spirit. You're hilarious, original, and such an amazing artist. You're a really good friend and I love seeing you interact with people. You've been a delight for eight whole years! Don't hesitate! God made you powerful and smart and capable. I pray for the strength and wisdom to keep building you up in your identity in God. You are a true jewel in the world, Golden. Always believe you can do anything.

On your birthday we went to Whole Foods for breakfast with Daddy.

I think it was a "stack the cats" game.

Several days later we had your party at the Fort Eustis Aquatic Center which has a fun pool and a slide! Miss Genie came with Genevieve and Rachel and several of her older children and it was super fun! 

Although I have to say, I was wrestling with that dang cat cake for FOREVER and I made us really late, and I was so stressed that I yelled a lot, and for that I am sorry. I hope that part is erased from your brain. I love you so much. May you grow as a healer and a seer this year. May you know your identity as in Christ beyond anything else, and may it give you amazing confidence! 

Mommy-daughter picture 2016!