Saturday, September 29, 2012


Today: I stayed up way too late again. (It is 12:45 am--yikes to tomorrow!)

Children and I went to two stores, which took four hours. I have to post for you what a lady said to me at Michaels... tomorrow.

Sparrow--made THIS. Just because. Just on a whim. She is so creative!

Golden--picked out aNOTHER pair of shoes at the used clothing store that she fell in LOVE with and promised they were not too small. An hour later, she was in pain and had to take them off. What is it that doesn't jive between my daughter Golden and the world of shoes? All shoes seem to bother her or hurt her!

Silas--is down to his last diaper and no, I did not go to that kind of store today. Oh and he got new (used) dress shoes, his 1st pair, and didn't want to take them off. He fell asleep with them on! Hah!

Pippa--a good baby. We called her "bunny-kitty" a lot today. Cause she's cute as a bunny kitten. Whatever that is.

Friday, September 28, 2012



The day started out rough, continued rough, I found myself lecturing a lot... man! How can I ever teach them a good attitude when mine is so rotten!?! Finally by the end, the children went to bed an hour late, but I had decided that I'd better be happy, even in a mess and in chaos. They are who they are and they are themselves NOW. I will never again have them like they were today.

Sparrow--prayed for us this morning that we'd have a good day and not be mad at each other. O.o.

Golden--spent all day telling me I had "forgotten" to repaint the nail polish she has already picked off her nails since getting them freshly done yesterday.

Silas--kept on stripping out his diaper, peed in underwear twice, then successfully peed in his potty (his own initiative, too) after dinner. Thomas and I did a happy dance thing that included us rapping about what good parents we are. However, when the neighbor boy came to get his fire engine back that Silas had borrowed yesterday, and Silas kept screaming and crying about not wanting to give it back, and the little boy let him have it for another day without any trouble at all... I was a bit ashamed about my parenting skills. =/

Pippa--did yoga all day. That is one strong baby.

Thursday, September 27, 2012



I woke up late, as I'd gone to bed after 3 am! It's funny now, but at the time... Oh, I don't know how I get such lapses in judgment--I spent ALL DAY yesterday on the photo site Shutterfly to try to get a baby book done for Silas--I was trying to beat the clock on a special promotion they were having where you could get a free photo book--and it was the last day! I worked and worked and worked til 3 am and then I was not even close to being done, but I tried to check out...and the promotion had expired. Of course.

So I was a little weary today. But no matter. Thomas watched the children for me while I went to run errands. I bought them their fancy holiday clothes (5 sets, incl. 2 whole outfits for Si), three pairs of snow boots, three pairs of shoes for Pippa, tennis shows for Golden, dress shoes for Silas, and three jackets, all for $100! (the used children's clothing store.)

Sparrow--drew her first cross section of a house. It is amazing and wonderful.

Golden--received her "big girl prize"--of a tiny pink poodle toy--for successfully stopping thumb sucking! Woohoo! (That bitter nail stuff helped greatly.) Then we did our nails in fancy new colors. She also received home made lemon cakes.

Silas--bonked his head on the corner of our new (used) glass table and is sporting a band-aid and his usual lovey attitude

Pippa--has a little bit of a cold and wakes often at night, but came with me on errands wearing a pink dress and is almost crawling! Almost, almost, almost! She does a LOT of push-ups. Right now she does an inchworm type of move to go forward.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Just a Line

I'm going to try updating daily for a little while. Having the task of a long blog post ahead of me seems to be a deterrent to ever writing anything! So short and succinct it shall be! And here is today:

Sparrow: Couldn't get enough of me reading "Good Queen Bess" and an adaptation of Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" to her...loved it!

Golden: Thought that the soap in the plastic travel box was really special and wanted to keep it in her room.

Silas: INSISTED we take his baby laptop AND the large hardcover "Maisy" book out to the back yard with us.

Pippa: Grew, ate, and charmed us all in the way that she does. Chewy, chewy, but no teeth yet.

Signing off, in lovely memories... -the Flourishing Mother

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Silas and Golden's Birthdays

Silas is two. Golden is four. Their birthdays are two weeks apart. So... Instead of doing two events, I wanted to have a "simple" joint party. Simple. Hah. Hah. Hah. We don't have a kitchen. It is hecka hot outside. What was I thinking?!?! Turns out there was no good place to HAVE the party! But God provided something that worked out perfectly: a condo that is associated with the Eldercare business we work for was available and temporarily empty. I'll take it! SO the day before the party, we moved everything over there that was necessary for cake making and decorating, and baked cake. So far so good. And the day OF we did... everything else. It was *kind of* a MAD rush, and I was still unkempt and wrestling the fondant 45 mins before guests were to arrive...I don't recommend that..., but it ended up being really fun and good! When the guests arrived, the ladies all asked me if I'd like some help, and the women all chopped veggies and chatted in the kitchen while the men retreated to the living room and yard to set up the pinata, etc. (the pinata that had just been finished about an hour beforehand... LOL.)

I am so grateful that we already have so many people we can count as friends here. First of all, the people we work for are amazing. Mrs. S. is so wonderful, helpful, kind, and sweet, and always goes above and beyond to make sure we are doing well. This is not normal. This is Jesus. She came early to the party, even though she is a super busy lady, brought me stuff I had forgotten from home, watched the baby, blew up the balloons, did the girls' hair, etc. etc. I can't thank her enough. And our other friends? Well one of them is my childhood friend from Arizona!!! A couple of weeks ago, she had sent me an email just updating me on her life--it had probably been about a year and a half or so since we had heard from one another. At the end of the email, she mentioned where she was now living with her husband, and I literally yelled out loud to my computer screen in excitement! She lives about 10 minutes away from me!!!! I know God was just keeping that little secret up his sleeve, just laughing with delight to see our expressions when we found out about this. She has a little son now, about the same age as Pippa. So lovely. We have also been given wonderful neighbors! There is a great family that lives right next door to us, with a son the same age as Silas, and one the same age as Pippa. The mother is from Japan, and she is such a lovely person--always bringing over fresh veggies from her garden, reaching out to us, asking us if we need anything. I am just in such good hands. And as for our other friends--I just cannot  say enough good things about our church. We came upon this beautiful church called Dreamhouse, and haven't felt the need to look anywhere else! From the first time I walked in I just felt like--all my best friends live here! There are a good number of young families, the ladies are just so--kindred--our children love it, Thomas is getting to know people, etc. They invite the Holy Spirit, and seek God's presence for all that He is--I am so, so happy to know that there is Spirit-life out here! Every place carries its own spiritual atmosphere. Here, I can see the heavens are opening and God is calling a people to be fully after Him, to reveal His glory, to be radically obedient sons and daughters--warriors--ALL for the Kingdom! So thankful. Here are a few shots from the party!

Still dealing with fondant--party to start within the hour...

Let's just pretend that I *meant* to wink, ok? ...not overtired or stressed AT ALL!

Pinata time!

The boy didn't want to hit it. #enthralledwithcars

All done.

 Traditionally, I like to write letters to my children on their birthday. ...SO here are some little card-sized thoughts for them...


My dear son, my firstborn son, my only son. YOUR smile, YOUR eyes, YOUR two-year-old bare, dirty feet, the curve of your neck, the breath of your face, are the delight of a million moments--I see your heart. The way you come to me with such confidence, even after bedtime, your blanket trailing behind you, as you quietly scoot in next to me, sucking your thumb. That is the confidence you have before an eternal throne. One of comfort and full access and blessing. Your identity is love. You are a lover of the Word of God. You haven't yourself said three words together yet, but what you will become is what you already are, for God sees the seed the same as He sees the full-grown tree. So I say--you are. A lover of the Word of God. May God give you Logos for sustenance, and Rhema for power. Be gentle. Be strong. Be listening. Be pure.

Shiny, sparkly Golden girl. Here I have someone truly original. You don't even try. You make laughter and art and magic happen all around you. Four years is such a little time, and you still such a little thing, but I see you now, going out that door, changing the world, and it will still seem too small a time to be with you, soaking you in, laughing girl. You are aptly named, the name He intended. He longs to bestow treasure on you, He sings over you with shouts of joy. The treasures open, Golden one, in His presence. Laugh in His presence, sing in His presence, and be still in His presence. Listen. He waits to give you the real magic. You. Are. Growing. Into. Him. Like a wind He lifts you, He is all around you, and YOU have the ability to enjoy Him like very few... that delight will create safety for others. So you choose to delight in Him, and to stand in Him, little Pillar. Always choose it, and you will bloom. Shine brighter and brighter until the full day!