Friday, September 28, 2012



The day started out rough, continued rough, I found myself lecturing a lot... man! How can I ever teach them a good attitude when mine is so rotten!?! Finally by the end, the children went to bed an hour late, but I had decided that I'd better be happy, even in a mess and in chaos. They are who they are and they are themselves NOW. I will never again have them like they were today.

Sparrow--prayed for us this morning that we'd have a good day and not be mad at each other. O.o.

Golden--spent all day telling me I had "forgotten" to repaint the nail polish she has already picked off her nails since getting them freshly done yesterday.

Silas--kept on stripping out his diaper, peed in underwear twice, then successfully peed in his potty (his own initiative, too) after dinner. Thomas and I did a happy dance thing that included us rapping about what good parents we are. However, when the neighbor boy came to get his fire engine back that Silas had borrowed yesterday, and Silas kept screaming and crying about not wanting to give it back, and the little boy let him have it for another day without any trouble at all... I was a bit ashamed about my parenting skills. =/

Pippa--did yoga all day. That is one strong baby.

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