Thursday, September 27, 2012



I woke up late, as I'd gone to bed after 3 am! It's funny now, but at the time... Oh, I don't know how I get such lapses in judgment--I spent ALL DAY yesterday on the photo site Shutterfly to try to get a baby book done for Silas--I was trying to beat the clock on a special promotion they were having where you could get a free photo book--and it was the last day! I worked and worked and worked til 3 am and then I was not even close to being done, but I tried to check out...and the promotion had expired. Of course.

So I was a little weary today. But no matter. Thomas watched the children for me while I went to run errands. I bought them their fancy holiday clothes (5 sets, incl. 2 whole outfits for Si), three pairs of snow boots, three pairs of shoes for Pippa, tennis shows for Golden, dress shoes for Silas, and three jackets, all for $100! (the used children's clothing store.)

Sparrow--drew her first cross section of a house. It is amazing and wonderful.

Golden--received her "big girl prize"--of a tiny pink poodle toy--for successfully stopping thumb sucking! Woohoo! (That bitter nail stuff helped greatly.) Then we did our nails in fancy new colors. She also received home made lemon cakes.

Silas--bonked his head on the corner of our new (used) glass table and is sporting a band-aid and his usual lovey attitude

Pippa--has a little bit of a cold and wakes often at night, but came with me on errands wearing a pink dress and is almost crawling! Almost, almost, almost! She does a LOT of push-ups. Right now she does an inchworm type of move to go forward.

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