Saturday, September 29, 2012


Today: I stayed up way too late again. (It is 12:45 am--yikes to tomorrow!)

Children and I went to two stores, which took four hours. I have to post for you what a lady said to me at Michaels... tomorrow.

Sparrow--made THIS. Just because. Just on a whim. She is so creative!

Golden--picked out aNOTHER pair of shoes at the used clothing store that she fell in LOVE with and promised they were not too small. An hour later, she was in pain and had to take them off. What is it that doesn't jive between my daughter Golden and the world of shoes? All shoes seem to bother her or hurt her!

Silas--is down to his last diaper and no, I did not go to that kind of store today. Oh and he got new (used) dress shoes, his 1st pair, and didn't want to take them off. He fell asleep with them on! Hah!

Pippa--a good baby. We called her "bunny-kitty" a lot today. Cause she's cute as a bunny kitten. Whatever that is.

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