Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hello December

Yesterday we did the unthinkable: we got our family picture taken at a generic JC Penney studio! Yeah! All my photographer friends, please don't hate me. Hah. Hah. Hah. I can live with myself anyway. We got all 6 of us looking at the camera at the same time AND with good lighting on us, now that is something! And it was free. Yeah! Just say we did it for grandma. (But it was really for me.)

Today i took the children to a gingerbread house decorating event at the circuit. The gingerbread houses were gorgeously put together and we had been planning this for months. Then Sparrow met a girl named Wren who was her same age! Then we found out Wren didn't have her own gingerbread house and we gave her Silas's since that boy was only in it for the candy. Then Silas cried. Then I got him a baggie of leftover Halloween candy out of the car and then he sat there happily eating it for an hour. Until it made him not so happy anymore. Then he was grumpy and cried about everything. Well to tell the truth, Golden was kind of eating most of her candy as well and I was having a hard time trying to get her to put any on her house! LOL. Then we went home and Silas was a crying wreck and then I put him down for a nap without brushing his teeth. Eeek! Then I read to the girls outside while they ate all the candy off their gingerbread houses (yes, we did have lunch first. at least.) And then they took a bath while I took the other two children outside for a bit--since it was not at all rainy and maybe even a little warm in the sun. Then the big girls gave themselves a bath and even washed each other's hair! Yes, yes yes! My work here is done! I am now entering the easy (er) phase of motherhood! SO what that they washed it with bubble bath instead of shampoo! They dried themselves off, dressed themselves, and came outside again, only to start digging in the garden and pulling up any extra carrots that were still in the ground from the summer. There were a lot! And despite being tiny and not very orange, they were sweet, and really good!!! Then we ate a bunch of salad and soup and chips and corn and beans and then I took the children to church by myself. Cause I am supermom. I was calling very loudly to my son to come follow me when I opened the door to go in, and realized they were in the middle of praying! Ooooooooooops! *Sheepish look.* I much enjoyed worship despite taking people to the bathroom and kissing a bunch of booboos and making sure the children dancing with flags were not stabbing each other or scraping the mural off the wall the whole time. I even had to take one little one outside for a lecture after having to chase her down in the sanctuary because she was crying and screaming and running away! (She did not WANT her shoes on!) Aaaack! The sermon was a little more mellow, with only the baby nursing and bouncing on me and bumping her head several times over. I still took so many notes. Then I bought them generic Cheetos at the Family Dollar and gave them this terrible snack on the way home despite the girls not listening when it was time to leave! What have I become!?! And the craziness of bedtime ensued at home, and I STILL never brushed Silas' teeth! God love 'im. I am falling asleep now. Now. Now. That was my day. I should be so lucky. Good night.