Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Funnies - April, May, June 2017

Sparrow is 11, Golden is 8, Silas is 6, Pippa is 5, and Silver is 2.

Silver, making a deep inhale, her nose all wrinkled up, whispers loudly, "I smell my boogies." -April 4

Silver took off her diaper and smelled it.
Me: "Does it smell like pee?"
Silver: "No. I smell Easter." -Apr. 4

Silver, pointing to her belly button: "I have a boob. I'm going to have a baby brother." -Apr. 4

Silver, hearing Blaise cry for nursing this morning: "She's grumpy." -Apr. 10

G: "Silver, what sound does a cat make?"
Silver: "Mau."
G: "What sound does a cow make?"
Silver: "Moose."
G: "What sound does a chicken make?"
Silver: "...Sound." -Apr. 8

"Now she's all nice and cuppaful." (comfortable.) -Silver, Apr. 19

Found myself saying, "That diaper doesn't want a straw in its butt." -Apr. 26

"If we drank one or two cups of wine, we would get drunk. Cause we're young and impressionable." -Sparrow, Apr. 26

Motherhood has forever ruined the word "blowout." It makes me laugh when I see it on store signs. Every mom reads it and thinks only "CRAZY POOP EXPLOSION." -Apr. 27

Sparrow (11): "I like little kids' history. But nowadays all I read is--war, maybe some peace here and there, ships, an occasional exploding building, treason, battle, sneaking, people named Wolfgang--I mean, every chapter is the same!" -May 10

Me: what are you playing with?
Silver: going outside.
Me: ok, but we'll need to get some clothes on you first.
Silver: No! I want to play with naked mole rat club! -May 17

Things the Greeks found to be the most important in the world, according to Sparrow: "Love, wine, wisdom, war, blackness and crafting, thunderbolts, lightning, mothers, home, and hearth." -May 18

Silver, after Sparrow had set her up on the tree stump and gotten her safely down again: "Whew! That was a close one!" -May 25

Sparrow, explaining themes from Fiddler on the Roof:
"The problem with the 3 guys is:
One of them is poor,
One of them doesn't care about tradition,
and one of them...
is ugly." -May 28

Silver: "Jesus put lotion on my feet this morning." -May 29

Silver: "I came alive this morning." -May 29

Golden: "Why do we have to go to Costco?
Me: "Cause we're out of a bunch of staples. Like chicken. And honey."
Golden: "And staples." -June 3

We were at the soccer field cheering on Silas in his game: "Go, Roadrunners!"
Silver, catching on, shouts, "Go, Naked Mole Rats!" -June 3

Me, to Silver, regarding Blaise's lower parts:
"It's not gross. He is a boy and he has a penis."
Silver: "Yeah, it's his BEANS." -June 8

I was in bed with a crick in the neck.
Pippa (5) approaches wide-eyed and says, "Mom, how do crickets get in your neck?" -June 9

Silas, giving a narration for history:
"Marco Polo, and some other people, like Nicolo and stuff, traveled to a far off country for TWENTY years. And when they came back, NOBODY knew them. Cause their clothes were all twisted, and swollen." -June 13

Silver calls the baby wrap "the wrapper." -all the time.

Sparrow: "That's illegal."
Silver: "No, that's not an eagle, it's a BIRD." -June 15

My parenting skills seriously deteriorate with stress:
"Like don't hit people in the face and stuff." -June 17

Silver, coming up to me with a little weed covered in someone's old hair, holding it as delicately as a baby bird:
"I got this in Germany. Jesus gave it to me. And God made it and then I found it." -June 15

Silver: "Where's God?"
Me: "He's with you."
Silver: "No, he's not. He was in the house. And he was cleaning up." -June 25

Me: "Where are your shoes?"
Silver: "I dunno, they're in my shadow." -June 25

Silver: "Daddy cut a chip in half-ses. and then the ants were coloring all over it." (crawling.) -June 25

Random notes from 11pm yesterday...
*Silas is CHIPPER and telling me how herring farts sound like Russian submarines. 
*I was just about to go crazy and whip up a pie crust for quiche tomorrow morning, when I realized tomorrow is oatmeal day. WHEW! That's why I have a schedule, REMEMBER? 
*I hate it when I need a flashlight to find a flashlight. 😆
-June 27

"Mom, I'm a nursing child." -Silver, June 30

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Pippa's fifth birthday

Pippa the firecracker! She has grown by leaps and bounds this year and enchanted (and frustrated!) us all with her insatiable thirst for learning and getting things done. She is my best dinner helper, always wanting to get her hands on REAL things and do things that have a REAL effect. Real knives. Real vegetables. Real fire. She was never much one for pretend play or dolls. Nope. No dolls. But whenever I let her, she's right there helping me with everything. This year was quite eventful for her!

She has begun drawing representational things. And they are darling.
She started writing her name (all on her own)
She cut her own hair
Her cat died
A baby brother was born.

December 2016

The infamous haircut, Christmas day it looked like this.

On her birthday, Blaise was only a few days old. My German friend Christine came over and brought a delicious German cake and flowers! Pippa got a school workbook (she loves workbooks), some puzzles, and an umbrella. Later we had to celebrate again with Daddy home from work. I think we finally finished watching Pete's dragon (which you remember had been interrupted by Blaise's labor), while we were finishing the cake at 9PM! She had asked for an MnM 5 cake, so even though we'd already had cake that day... we had another! I love you so much, Pippa. God has his fingerprints all over you! Love, Mama

From the instagram post:
My wilder one is 5 today! 5 years ago we were living with friends in a city we had just moved to and one day I just sat there so sad for my little coming one, no place to put a nursing chair, no one who cares to shower her with welcome. God stopped me in my tracks by bringing to mind Mary the mother of Jesus. No room in the inn. No baby shower, no rocking chair. In fact, she was giving birth next to the animals and had to set the baby in a feed trough because there wasn't even a bed! From then on there was a joyful fierceness in my pregnancy and labor. WE would love her. WE would make room. From the moment she came out, she's been a heralder. Her voice was so strong that the nursing staff couldn't believe she wasn't a 3-month old! She is a heralder of the Kingdom. She is one who makes room. Happy birthday, you fierce one. Go big.

 I love you so much, Pippa. Love, Mama

Friday, March 31, 2017

The Funnies, January, Feb, March 2017

The other day, Silas and Sparrow were arguing about something at the table. Silas had just delivered an angry/ dramatic line, when suddenly, Golden RAN in, saying loudly, "Annnnnnnnnnd CUT!" and turned the light off! It was so unexpected that we all BURST out laughing! (Jan.)

I was trying to get our 1/2 hour of German in right before dinner--but I was a bit stressed and was kind of ranting in German and I said something about "reingetan." (Put it in, in past tense.) Golden pipes up from the table and says, "sounds like orangutan." I forgot my scolding and laughed! -Jan. 13

Pippa, during German lessons, said in  "German" accent: "Fire--in--die--hole." --And then farted! (Jan.)

Sparrow: "Oh mom, this is so sad! It says that carbs turn into sugars in your body!" 
Me: "I know, isn't that sad?" 
Sparrow: "YES! Why couldn't God have made it so they turn into sugars in your MOUTH??!!???" -Jan. 23

Silver: "I wa be nekked moe wat now."
(I want to be a naked mole rat now. Aka please don't dress me.) -Jan. 23

That time Lady Gaga was about to descend on us all in her huge silver onesie, and my 2-y-o sweetly whispered to me, "I'm pooping right now;" thus obliterating my first taste of pop culture since last year's half time show. #motherhood #somebodyalwayspoops #ichoosemotherhood -Feb. 6

This morning Thomas was asking her about her baby brother. She smiled and said, "Yeah--the guy--hiding--in the mom's pants." -Feb. 8

Silver, whining about a diaper change. When I asked her why she didn't want her diaper changed, said without hesitation, "cause it's dangerous!" -Feb. 9

Silver wanted a graham cracker and she called it a "grandma cookie." Haha! -Feb. 9

Epic. Today I forgot how many children I have. I was in the Costco bathroom helping Pippa wash hands, and a lady commented on Pippa and the one in my belly. I said, "And my three others are right outside the door!" When I emerged, though, I noticed there were actually four others... -Feb. 17

"I'm so clozy." -Silver, Feb. 17 (she meant "cozy.") 

What do you do when your fave family of seven children comes to visit your five-children-family? Put a turkey in the oven and go to the Goodwill Outlet of course. Found mustard colored Nine West Purse. Check. Silver shoes for Silver. Check. Ya know what I'm saying? Just because we invested in people over things doesn't mean we don't also appreciate nice things. This man who kept staring at us and making comments said to me in the lobby while Veronicawas in the store, "You sure have a house full, eh?" "Yeah-- we have to cook a whole turkey every night to feed them." -Feb. 21

Text of the birthday card that Silas wrote to Thomas:
"I hope you have a good birthday, and have a very good time, and have fun, and spend time together, and other stuff, like happy stuff, like make crafts with each other and stuff." -Feb. 25

Silas, when he's talking about something that happened kind of a long time ago, says, "Pretty much days ago, ..." Hah! -all the time

Silas, looking at a huge dictionary: "Mom, someday when I'm able to read, like when I'm a teenager, I'll be able to read this book. Unless I fall asleep." -Feb. 27

Silas: "I can't sleep without Pippa." 
Me: "Really? Well it seems like you don't even like her that much during the day." 
Silas, pondering: "Well, in the morning, I'm really annoyed, and then later, I'm only sort of annoyed. And I'm mostly annoyed at the noise. But when she's quiet, I'm just--fine. ...And... When I feel... someone's warm feet on me, it just helps me to sleep better." -March 4

Pippa, to Silver, demonstrating with dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets: 
"These dinosaurs are on top of each other and they're mating and they're having babies. That's what happens, Silver." She was so instructive and patient in teaching her little sister the ways of the world. -March 5

Silver, this morning, was going to do my yoga with me. When the video came on, she said, "It's the yogurt!" (She pronounces is "yogut." -March 9

This morning at devotions, Thomas asked, "what is the opposite of understanding?"
Silas: "Overstanding." -March 9

Pippa, praying at dinner, "...And that Mama's water baby would come out..." -March 9

Pippa, during a game of dinosaurs to Golden: "Golden! Dinosaurs live in another STATE!"
Golden: "Actually, they're extinct." -March 9

Me, regarding Cecil (Catness) who was ill: "I wish I could tell him that we will take care of him. At least with sick humans, you can speak to them." 
Silas: "Yeah, we know what cat speak sounds like, but we can't understand it." 
Me: "Yeah, and he can't tell us what's wrong or what he ate." 
Silas: "But he can MIME it!" -March 10

I was washing dishes late in the kitchen, and Silver, having had a late nap, was still awake and hanging out with me. Siddenly she said, "Get--dat--corn--out my face!" -March 22

Silas lost a tooth and wrote a note to the tooth fairy:
"Dear Tooth Fairy, I hope you remember to put in my dollar and I hope you have a very nice day and a happy time. Love, Silas."
The next day, I said, "Did you get your dollar?"
Silas: "Yes."
Sparrow and Golden: "Silas, you should thank the tooth fairy."
Silas: "Thanks, Mom." -March 22

I was trying to get dressed in my room this morning, and Silver walked in and saw me fully pregnant without my shirt on. She takes one look at me and says, "Ew! Dat's GROSS." -March 23

Text: "How's the cat (Clementine) been behaving for you?" 
Sparrow: "This is Sparrow. The Clementine is good. She sits on my face at night." -March 23

Pippa keeps calling 101 Dalmatians "One hundred and Dalmatians." -March 23

Watching new baby brother nurse at the hospital, Silver says, "Mom, she's nursering." -March 31

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Silver's 2nd birthday

Silver turned two!

There was a blizzard the day before, so we were still pretty snowed in on January 9th, her big day. Haha, funny story about Silver in the blizzard, for it was the first time she remembered seeing snow: when she got snow on her mittens, she said, "Oh no! Dirty! Wash hands!"

Thankfully we had everything we needed in the house for a party, even the people, for this is one of the big benefits of having a lot of children: having a party always at hand without having to invite anyone else!

From the family journal:
She woke up all smiles, even though she is recovering from a cold--her bangs had been cut for the first time yesterday, so I could see her eyes--her gray-green-blue starburst eyes. The children were really enthusiastic about celebrating her, and we decided to make french toast, not start school after all (it was a Monday), and have a cozy day. Silas and Pippa helped me make the cake--and begged for taste after taste of batter! After which I eventually sent them out of the kitchen. A baker has to focus!

It was hard fore me to insist on Silver's nap, as she really didn't want to take i, but better a happy party girl than a grumpy one, and sleep makes happy.

We had a little tea party when she woke up, which was quickly followed by dinner because Thomas came home from work. We ate the good leftovers from all I had cooked for "crazy cooking day" yesterday.

Then--to finish the cake! I had cut the cake into two layers and put a butter cream in the middle, but the top layer was whipped cream and gelatin for stability, and we colored it pink and sprinkled on some really OLD chocolate covered sunflower seeds we'd found in the back of the cupboard--stale but colorful!

Silver, in a party dress, was so delighted with it and with her present--a new "bathing baby" doll--they played with it for a long time after dinner--Golden helping her get the water into the little tub--she's such a sweet big sister.

Then we watched a nature show all together in the big bed. By the way, they are really into the soundtrack from the movie Trolls and one of the songs in particular, even Silver practically knows by heart. She sings with gusto, " I WILL GET BACK UP AGAIN!"

We are so happy to have this sparkly one in our lives and home. May this next year be full of growth and the Holy Spirit for her. Angels. Keep her safe, Father, show her she can trust you.
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Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Funnies, October/ November/ December 2016

Sparrow, age 10: "I'm definitely an  emotional eater. ...But I only get emotional when I'm hungry." -Oct. 12

Silver said "actually" at 21 mos old. haha.

She also says lots of things with a "P" at the beginning. "Nunu pime," for example, instead of nunu time.

Silas, age 6: The best way of going to sleep is by warmness, and closing my eyes. And thinking of stuff." ~Oct. 8

Pippa, age 4: "The light is so pretty right now, it looks like God." -Oct. 12

Sparrow, age 10: "I'm definitely an emotional eater. Thing is, I'm usually only emotional cause I'm hungry." -Oct. 13

Golden (age 8), breaking into tears because she accidentally let our as yet un-spayed cat outside after dark.
Pippa, saltily, "Hope she hasn't gone out MATING!"
Indeed, child. Indeed. ~Oct. 16

Pippa, 4, talking at 100 miles an hour, "I PUT stuff under my pillow, and then when I wake up, every time, and check, it keeps DISSING appear!" -Oct. 16

Heard myself saying: "Well maybe if we put bacon in it, it will make people want to eat it." ...Which I then realized is the motto of Southern cooking! -Oct. 19

Pippa, age 4: "Mom? I had my alone time on the trash can today."
Me: :Oh yeah? What did you do on the trash can?"
Pippa: "I was trying to kill my pumpkin." -Oct. 21
(Sure enough, later, Thomas told me when he had come home from work, he's found Pippa sitting on top of the large outdoor trash can, stabbing her little pumpkin with a knife!)

The other day I asked Silas after his reading lesson, "Can you make a sentence with the words 'am' and 'seat'?"
Si: "What's a sentence?"
Me: "A complete thought. A whole idea."
Si: "OK... So... you know the little white chair? If you turn it upside down and put a rubber band between two of the legs, it makes a catapult. And--AM--reminds me of HAM. --So if you put a piece of HAM into it, you can CATAPULT the ham." -Oct. 24 (the brain of a child who has not been raised on workbooks!)

Silas: "I can't wait for Halloween AND Christmas!"
Pippa: "Yeah, AND the dentist!!!" -Oct. 25

Golden and Pippa were discussing something and I felt like I had to correct them on some point or other.
Golden: "Mom! We're playing a pretend game!"
Pippa, to Golden: "Yeah, and I'm pretending you're not in the game." ~Oct. 28

I am journaling in bed, but out in the living room it sounds like a trading floor! The children are shouting "gob stoppers!" "Smarties!" "Who wants whoppers?" Yup. Trading trunk or treat candies like Wall Street pros. -Oct. 30

Pippa: "Sparrow! Someone tooted!"
Sparrow: "Oh. Is that so. How do you know?"
Pippa: Because I smelled tootish stuff. And stinky stuff." ~Nov. 1

At Costco, Silver was sitting in the shopping cart and Silas and Pippa were around the corner. I slowly started pushing the cart, and suddenly Silver yelled out with force, in her hoarse little voice (she had a cold):
She was calling Silas, the way she's heard me call him a hundred times! Then again:
"Son! Son~NY!!" ~Nov. 1

Silas was the cutest that night. He snuggled up in Sparrow and Golden's bed and asked Sparrow if she wanted to "talk about stuff like what we'll play tomorrow." He looked so happy. ~Nov. 1

Silas: "The only fun thing about pants is throwing them up in the air and catching them." ~Nov. 13

Pippa praying for the food: "I pray this food would make us big and strong, and that volcanoes wouldn't explode or that the devil wouldn't be bad, Amen." -Nov. 14

Poop on the floor.
But at least we saved a diaper!!! -Nov. 17

Pippa, to Silver, "Stop it, you're NERVOUSING me!!!"  -Nov. 22

"Do you know what twice means? Two times. Do you know what thrice means? Super fast." -Pippa Nov. 23

Silas, age 6: "If you want a burned turkey, buy a turkey at the store, and then burn it."
Thank you, son. Always with the helpful tips. -Nov. 29
Pippa: "When is the world gonna end?"
Me: "Nobody knows but God."
Silas, age 6: "I know. When the WAR ends. You know which war? The war of history, World War Two, and the Civil War." ~Dec. 2

On the way over, Pippa explained to me why it was so cold today. "It's cause all the DIRTY wind is coming from here, and the CLEAN wind is pushing it back." -Dec. 15

Pippa, 4: "I know why it's illegal to drink in the car, mom. Cause when you drink, it really makes you go pee in the car, and that's why it's illegal." -Dec. 17

Pippa licked all the frosting off all the cake today, painted her own nails, and scattered Candyland all over the floor. All before 8:30 AM. I love that child fiercely. - Dec. 21