Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Funnies—July and August 2014

Golden, while playing Playmobil with her sister, was pretending that one of her horses was overheating. Her comment on the matter: "Then he was hotting himself to death..." -July 2

While Daddy was thanking God for the evening meal, Pippa sincerely chimed in, with eyes closed, "and Thomas Train..." -July 2

Silas, hearing honking: "Mom, that sounds like the church's train." (there are rail road tracks near our church, and the train going by is always THE experience at church for him. LOL.) -July 13

Golden: "In winter, let's put CRUMBS all over our snowman, and the birds will land ALL over it!" -July 14

Sparrow: "You scared it. Maybe it died of terror-fissation." -July 14

Sp: "Mom, these are the things I am interested in: God, Bows and arrows, Narnia, and dinosaurs." -July 16

Golden woke up crying in the middle of the night.
Me: "What's wrong? What's the matter? Do you need something?"
G: "I want—I want—me, without a dream!" -July 21

Pippa always says "hind you!" if you ask her where something is. Her undies, her daddy, the car that's straight in front of me... "hind you!" -all month long

If the phone rings, Pippa runs over to me and yells, "CALLING YOU!!!" -all month long

Pippa calls eye buggars "Boogie eye." -all month long

Me, taking selfies with Pippa and Silas: "You guys are the cutest ever."
Si: "Yeah. And you're the biggest. Ever." -July 22

Me: "Did you go potty?"
Pippa: "Yes!"
Me: "I'm so proud of you! Where are your undies?"
Pippa: "Liddy-voom!" (Living room, hahahaha.) -July 23

Me: "Well, even if you have all the trucks int he world, it won't make you any happier. Happy comes from the inside."
Si: "No, it will make me cooler, Mom." (Whhhhaaaaaaaat?!) -Aug. 16

Sp: "Mom, if we didn't have a nose, it would make lunch a lot more noisy."
G: "And a lot more dangerous." -Aug. 17

Si: "No, Mom, jets do NOT go,  'Whee! Go, go, go!' When they take off." -Aug. 20

Pippa wakes up crying at 12:30 AM.
Me: "What's wrong?"
P: "Because I spilled it!!" (wailing continues.)
I picker her  up and her undies are all wet. She sure DID spill it! ...Thankfully, I have a waterproof pad on that mattress! Yesssssss........ -Aug. 20

Golden: "This is so easy that you can't resist it." (Haha, she meant, "can't miss it!") -Aug. 24

Sp: "I can tell you swish-n-swiped this bathroom today.
Awww!  Way to encourage a mommy! -Aug. 25

Si: "I have a poem for you."
Me: "OK, let's hear it."
Si: "I want to buy—
Lots of trucks.
I need to buy—
Lots of trucks.
And I want them,
And I really really want them." -Aug. 29

Pippa, passionately singing a song that the girls made up for fun:
"Nasty, nasty butterfly,
Nasty, nasty in the sky." -Aug.30

Pippa was sitting all alone on the couch looking at a book about guinea pigs. She was saying to herself, "Little Mama, little Daddy, little Monster." -Aug. 31

Dad: "So who remembers something from the Bible reading?"
Golden: "Me!...Um, Your skin is like twilight, and it will be very white."
Me: "Right! Our sins were like scarlet, but they are made white as snow!" -Aug. 31

Things I never thought I'd have to articulate:

"We don't do kitchen chores naked." -July 13