Wednesday, December 9, 2009

november funnies

ah! so much to write about! but putting together family christmas packages must trump blogging. for now, i give you...november funnies.

sparrow, getting up out of bed:
"my feet need a rest... from resting." -nov. 3

sp: "you sly old fox! she's a baby!"
me: "what? who's the sly old fox?"
sp: "golden."
me: "well then who's the baby?"
sp: "the sly old fox!" -nov. 3

"i like molasses! tastes like evergreen trees!" -nov. 11

"it smells like recycle inside my mouth." -nov. 13

"it smells really good inside my mouth. maybe some little someone is inside my mouth licking it." -nov. 13

me: "what starts with the letter H?"
sp: "hudo."
me: "hello? yes!"
sp: "no, hudo."
me: "hudo? yes, right! whatever hudo is, it starts with H."
sp: "hudo means that you are a ban-o. and bano means that that you are eating a brown banana and some white popcorn." -nov. 13

"my ball's name is 'be-calm-and-quiet-bebo.'" -nov. 14

sp: "let's make donuts!"
me: "um...i don't know how to make donuts. but i think it requires a lot of grease. i don't have a lot of grease."
sp: "how about our home will be filled with grease. and there's gonna be some on the top and on the middle and on the bottom, and then our house will be full of grease. and then we can fill our cups with grease." -nov. 18 (now doesn't that sound nice!)

sparrow has been drawing little creatures, i must scan some and post them soon, they are absolutely charming. they are just what most early "people drawings" look like: a single shape for torso and head, with features and limbs drawn in. i love them. the other day sparrow was working really hard on drawing her creatures and she was getting pretty frustrated with how the heads were not turning out perfectly circular. when she started to whimper, i asked her what was wrong, and she blurted out, "i--i'm only making lemons! i can only make stupid guys!" -nov. 18

singing many interesting made-up songs lately. one:
"let me go, let me go, let me go, oh beauty, oh beauty, oh beauty..." -nov. 18

"i like my lunch! glorious!" -nov. 18 (aw. that's the best compliment anyone ever paid me for boiled gnocci with ketchup!)

(after drinking water)
"some water is in my tummy! but pretty soon, when i grow up, i'm gonna have a baby in my tummy, and there will still be some water in there, and my baby will be swimming around." -nov. 18

me: "do you need a night-light?"
sp: "i need a daylight!" -nov. 25

mitchell leaves the house after retrieving his sunglasses.
sparrow leans close to me and whispers,
"mom, some people don't know that we aren't supposed to slam the door." (hahahahaha!) -nov. 30