Monday, June 3, 2013

Pippa is One

Our littlest turned one the other day...

One year olds are so fun to have a party for. They have no precedent, so they are not opinionated about how it's going to go!

We invited a few people we know, made sugarless black-bean-chocolate cupcakes, and decorated them with flowers.

Pippa ate her cupcake with a spoon.

She is adorable.

Pippa--You are a fearless princess, a smiling sunflower, making people laugh with the openness of your countenance, the unassuming lilt of your voice. You have delighted and amazed us every day of your life. You have the power of slowing down time. Because you are lovely. Holding you, breathing you in, is a retreat from the busyness and stress of the world. You add so much to our family. We are not perfect. Sometimes there are moments when everybody is looking out for their own interests and it's all going crazy. Then you do something hilarious and we all look at you and laugh, remembering the important things. You are important. You have the God-breath in you. YOU will change this world. You will go forth in confidence and in the authority of the Lord. Your song is fearlessness. Your song is freedom. Your song is of a heavenly kingdom.

Happy birthday, little one.

Silas the big brother, prepared with balloons!

Neighbors, friends, and the older folks, of course!
Lovely Lily holding Pippa--she is so sweet and amazing that way. All the Carter girls are!