Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Silas the color king

I feel like my life is so crazy, busy, and disorganized right now that I don't have time to post nearly as much as I would like. Here is a sweet snippet from my yesterday. Silas is suddenly saying everything. He was saying not very much at all, and what he was saying was pretty badly mispronounced (only the last syllable of a word, usually--leaving out beginning and middle consonants). I knew he's get it eventually. And he did! He is so adorable now because he tries so hard to perfectly pronounce every sound. One day I was in the pantry with him and He was looking at the cans. Suddenly, he said very slowly and deliberately, "Beeeeeeeaaaaaaannnnnnns." Well it has just taken off from there!

One of my other favorite things he says right now? "Okay, Mom." He is just so sweet!