Saturday, March 21, 2009


i have soooooooo been missing blogging about my wonderful family! but i am midway into an intense business course through an AWESOME organization called women's economic ventures, and all my spare time must be spent in the homework and business planning activities that go along with it. currently i am delving deep, attempting to more narrowly define our style, our niche, research our target market and specific demographics, assess the feasibility of the business, and create a marketing plan. i have too many business ideas, but it is actually one of the better things to be plagued with. at least i am not suffering from the opposite problem! anyways, the class ends in may, at which point i will either get busier as we start this business for real, or we will put it on hold for awhile depending on what God will call us to for the summer, and i will hopefully have a bit more time to keep up with the blog. thank God that at least i know writing is one of my major callings, so it is a priority for me to do this. and of course my first calling at this time in my life is to be a committed wife and mother. family blogging is a part of that, as i am building family stories and weaving our history. i still read bits of my friends' stuff now and then and keep up the quotes and photos. i will see you all on the other side of may.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

february notable thoughts

"kids don't sing while they're drinking milk, and they don't sing while they're drinking water." -feb. 4

(singing to the tune of "hush little baby, don't say a word")
"...and if that looking glass gets broke, mama's gonna buy you a fart and yart." -feb. 5

she will speak of things she remembers and, from learning "last night" as a phrase, adapts it and will frequently say "last day" or "last morning." usually the event referred to is further in the past, but she still prefaces it like this.

i was telling sparrow about the gifts of the spirit one day as we were driving:
me: "He can give the gift of prophecy, and He can give tongues or faith, through the holy spirit. and He gave mommy---"
sp: (cutting in) "and he gave me a LOT of stickers!" -feb. 9

sp: "i'm beautiful."
me: "yeah, but do you know why? you're a daughter of God."
sp: "but baby moses is a child!" -feb. 9

"can i watch a new movie now? 'bear in the big blue house' is getting kinda old." -feb. 12

(praying) "thank you for my mommy to get better." -feb. 18

sp: "what does that say?"
me: "that's a W."
sp: "does it say dot com?" (what!!? how on earth does she know to associate w's with dot com's?) -feb. 19

flushing poop, she says to it,
"be safe!" -feb. 20

"let's watch '25' tonight." -feb. 23

(singing to the tune of "hush little baby")
"mommy's gonna buy you a cup of coffee and if that coffee spills, mommy's gonna buy you a banana, and if you eat that banana all up, mama's gonna buy you a treat..." -feb. 26

(singing to a random tune)
"and the moon is all yellow, and i'm all yellow too!" -feb. 26

"can i eat ginger cereal naked?" -feb. 27
("ginger cereal" is actually cereal shaped like little people. i realized she associates the shape of it with gingerbread man cookies. which is why she calls it "ginger cereal.")

washing strawberries with me, and finding a huge one:
"this one's like goliath!"
then, finding a little one:
"this one's like baby jesus!" -feb. 27