Thursday, March 5, 2009

february notable thoughts

"kids don't sing while they're drinking milk, and they don't sing while they're drinking water." -feb. 4

(singing to the tune of "hush little baby, don't say a word")
"...and if that looking glass gets broke, mama's gonna buy you a fart and yart." -feb. 5

she will speak of things she remembers and, from learning "last night" as a phrase, adapts it and will frequently say "last day" or "last morning." usually the event referred to is further in the past, but she still prefaces it like this.

i was telling sparrow about the gifts of the spirit one day as we were driving:
me: "He can give the gift of prophecy, and He can give tongues or faith, through the holy spirit. and He gave mommy---"
sp: (cutting in) "and he gave me a LOT of stickers!" -feb. 9

sp: "i'm beautiful."
me: "yeah, but do you know why? you're a daughter of God."
sp: "but baby moses is a child!" -feb. 9

"can i watch a new movie now? 'bear in the big blue house' is getting kinda old." -feb. 12

(praying) "thank you for my mommy to get better." -feb. 18

sp: "what does that say?"
me: "that's a W."
sp: "does it say dot com?" (what!!? how on earth does she know to associate w's with dot com's?) -feb. 19

flushing poop, she says to it,
"be safe!" -feb. 20

"let's watch '25' tonight." -feb. 23

(singing to the tune of "hush little baby")
"mommy's gonna buy you a cup of coffee and if that coffee spills, mommy's gonna buy you a banana, and if you eat that banana all up, mama's gonna buy you a treat..." -feb. 26

(singing to a random tune)
"and the moon is all yellow, and i'm all yellow too!" -feb. 26

"can i eat ginger cereal naked?" -feb. 27
("ginger cereal" is actually cereal shaped like little people. i realized she associates the shape of it with gingerbread man cookies. which is why she calls it "ginger cereal.")

washing strawberries with me, and finding a huge one:
"this one's like goliath!"
then, finding a little one:
"this one's like baby jesus!" -feb. 27

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