Saturday, February 28, 2009

umbrella in a storm

something astounding happened to me the other day: i was standing in my favorite store, looking at all the gorgeous and inspiring food items they sell, when i saw my longtime friend who works there. "there are so many things i want to buy!" i blurted. we chatted a tiny bit, then i moved on. a few aisles later, i saw him slinking toward me again, and he got a bit awkward as he said, "hey doris? i have a little gift for you, it's from my wife..." and he pulled out of his pocket, yes: a trader joe's gift card. my jaw just dropped. i stand amazed and humbled before God again as i am hearing how his wife just had it on her heart to give us this gift, and how she told him he'd better take it to work today because she had a feeling i would come in that day. what! ok, well, i do go there QUITE often, but that makes it even more incredible because a trader joe's gift card is pretty much the best thing you could give me! not only that, but it was such perfect timing, as it was a roughing-it month. it was like God giving me an umbrella in a rainstorm just then: "i am still watching you. i know your every need."


merochan said...

We have such an amazing Father. It was encouraging to read this. Thanks for sharing.

Lorrie said...

Isn't that just like God!!! I love glad to hear from you again!!!