Monday, February 9, 2009

january quotes

"the grey rabbit took the brown rabbit's stepa-stetha-testa-pestago-stepaghost!" (stethoscope) 01-02

me showing golden a picture:
"golden, this is when you were in my belly!"
sp: "i want her back in there, too." 01-03

sp: "can you get pregnant?"
me: "well, i am sure i will someday, but...not right now."
sp: (nods decisively) "on thursday." 01-03

me: "where do butterflies come from?"
sp: "from outside! --from land!"
me: "from land?"
sp: "no, from land! from land to land!" 01-03

(at bedtime)
me: "ok, take off your pants."
sp: "we also call them frants." 01-03

"polappo!" 01-04 (sparrow named a monkey in a book.)

sparrow speaking gibberish, then
"i'm speaking my own german!" 01-04

"they're not obeying!" 01-04 (about mommy's canvas stretcher bars when i was having a hard time lining them up)

"i saw mary and the kids and they were in a cave, and something happened to them... and all of the kids wanted a baby." 01-05, upon waking up in the morning

"mommy, i want butter with a stick." 01-05

(talking about lollypops to me)
"...but the butter ones are even crunchy, but the hard ones are kind of sucky." 01-05

me: "ooh, you can wear your purple dress today!"
sp: "was my purple dress from last year?" 01-07

"i want a whole junk of butter!" 01-07 (she meant chunk, not junk.)

sp: "obama, obama..." (singing)
me: "please don't sing about obama. ...he's gona be president, did you know that?
sp: (nods knowingly.) "when he gets pregnant, he will have a baby!" 01-09

"i dreamed for 5 minutes, and i woke up and go'd." 01-10

sp: "you were pregnant, and you had a big belly, right?"
me: "mmhmm..."
sp: "hmmmm, pregnant... i'll think of that." (puts chin in hand)
sp: "you had only one sparrow and one Golden!" 01-11

"daddy and i love to play with her." 01-11 (about golden)

my phone rings
sp: "mom! it's P-hone!" 01-11
(i tend to call my phone pee-hone and she thought it was the name of someone calling! haha!)

"mommy rhymes with salami!" 01-12 (she really came up with that one by herself! we were working on rhyming that week.)

"i'm gonna do all the coughings until i'm all better." 01-14

"i got a lot of pee pee in my butt." 01-14 (going potty)

"i want five hundred ponytails." 01-16

at thomas' dance performance:
me: "did you like that piece? what color were the costumes? what was the music like?"
sp: "it was terrifying music!" 01-16

"i'm winding you!" 01-17(making "wind"--fanning me with a book)

"my panties won't focus!" -01-18 (having a hard time getting her panties back on..)

sp: "kitties are the best ever! kitties love us!"
me: "you know who else loves kitties?"
sp: "God." 01-24
(i was thinking of my dad, her opa wolfram)

"our house is named california." 01-25

"when she gets bigger and bigger, she will be able to like tomatoes. and cheese! and spaghetti! and when she gets bigger and bigger she will be able to wear a tiny fairy dress." 01-25

"i'm making a appointment for you. i'm gonna get a little bit of paper and i'm gonna make a appointment for you." 01-25 (scribbles on a piece of paper)

"dear sparrow, love danielle." 01-27 (when thomas was opening a credit card bill)

me: "easter is in march or april. and something else is in april too. can you guess what it is?"
sp: "...coconuts and clams!...k-mart!" 01-28

"flossy the snowman!" 01-29

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Mitchell said...

how is she so amazing? i miss you guys! (and feel i little ripped off cause i'm missing the talking years!) -liz