Friday, March 30, 2012

March Madness!

G: "Mom, why do people get ready?"
me: "For what?"
G: "Why do people get dressed and have a party--EVERY DAY?!?!?" -march 1

(coming in crying)
G: "Mom! I didn't want her to put her feet on me!"
me: "Oh, I'm sorry. ...Do you want to eat a quesadilla with me?"
G, still tearfully: "I want a covered chocolate hot dog." -march 1

Sparrow's casual observation: "The devil is a hypocrite alien." -march 2

G: "Mom, I had a dream that I was seeing a bunch of guinea pigs on the mountain, and there was ocean and snow all around." -march 7

G: "Goliath lives in Hawaii."
Sp: "No, he doesn't."
G: "Yes, he does, he lives in Hawaii!"
Sp: "No, he doesn't Golden, cause he's DEAD!" -march 7

me playing with girls: "Apparently I'm British cause I have an English accent."
G: "You're lovelish." -march 10

talking about a Bible passage
me: "So Mary and Martha asked Jesus to come because Lazarus was sick. And what did Jesus do for sick people?"
G: "hmmmm....mmmmmm....get a barf bucket?" -march 10

me: well it's jeans and a t-shirt, or how about these shorts and this shirt?"
Sp: "yah, yah! shorts and this shirt--that looks really prosheffonal." -march 15

G: "In my dream, when we were going home, on a walk, a bee stung me. Right here. (points to foot.) Isn't that a sad, sad story?" -march 17, 4 AM

(eating Kix cereal for the 1st time)
G: "These are REAL chickpeas. I'm not kidding. And they're GOOD. And they're CRUNCHY." -march 18

Sp: "Who would ever wanna snuggle with a knight?" -march 28

G: "I used to throw straws out the window.  When I was a little girl. ...That's a sad, sad story." -march 29

Sp: "Someday I wanna go to Coco's Island."
me: "Are you going to be a marine biologist?"
Sp: "No."
me: "Are you going to be an explorer?"
Sp: "No. I'm going to be a ballerina. On Coco's Island."
G: "I'M going to be a BUTTERFLY!" -march 30