Tuesday, May 19, 2009

april's words

(singing) "the wise man built his house upon a summer day." -apr. 3

"mom, i don't see any mexican trees!" -apr. 6 (she means eucalyptus. i once told her they reminded me of mexico.)

sp: "where is my party?"
me: "it's on saturday."
sp: "where is my april 18th?" -apr. 7

me: "the baby's name is israel. do you know what israel is?"
sp: "yeah. it's for the mighty kings!" -apr. 7

sparrow has been getting super into stories lately. not a day goes by when she doesn't ask me to tell her a story. over. and over. and over. do i have that many stories in me? spontaneous ones!???!? (i have never been good at fiction nor spontaneous creative "writing" or acting) it is a head breaker because i can come up with a wonderfully elaborate tale that i tell for a running 10 minutes in the car, and the second i say "the end," WITHOUT FAIL sparrow says "tell another one!" at some point i have to say no, and that feels just wrong! anyways, ...the other day sparrow told herself a story. here is an excerpt:
"once upon a time there was a centipede. and he went in the water. and he splashed in the waves! and he laughed... and there was some sharks in the water and they ate him!"
me: "and what did you say that centipede's name was?"
sp: "the centipede's name was verizon." -apr. 8

sp: "i don't wanna be alone!"
me: "you won't be alone because God will be with you."
sp: "i don't want God to be alone." -apr. 10

"i'm jesus! i'm jesus!" (trying to sit/ride on her new "my little pony," as in--jesus entering jerusalem on a donkey! we'd been learning about that coming up to easter...) -apr. 11

sparrow awoke and cheerfully said, "is today jesus is
risen?" then she proceeded to tell me all about how he wasn't in the
grave anymore and how the ladies went to look for him but saw an
angel. she must have been having a dream from the Lord as we always
pray, because i don't know if she learned about that in sunday school,
since she hasn't been in awhile. (always sick!) -apr. 16

"are we going to verizon? ...that's where obama lives!" -apr. 16

"i wanna see the stars and the moon, and... we'll go in a rocket ship later, and, we'll put on our bubbles, and then we'll flyyyyyyyy through the air." -apr. 17

(playing cell phone.)
sp: "there's a centipede on our daughter's clothes! let me call someone. let me call my dad on my cell phone. hello? ...oh...what?...no...bye bye. i called your dad."
me: "you mean your dad?"
sp: "yeah. his name was thomas on my cell phone. he's coming home real soon." -apr. 20

me: "oh no, i forgot to nurse golden before we left!"
sp: "we'll have to do that some other time." -apr. 22

i finally broke down and told sparrow that the "mexican" trees are called eucalyptus. one day she saw some out the car window and said, "oh look, eucalipstick!" -apr. 22

"it sounds like that boy is gonna have to go to the store to get some thumbs." -apr. 22

(me wearing a silly hat)
sp: "mom, you look like pharaoh! mom! let my people go!" -apr. 22

i took sparrow to the county fair when it was here. she kept wanting to go on the ferris wheel, but calling it "the fair." she thinks that THAT wheel is itself *the fair!* poor thing, she was too small to get to ride on it. (apr. 25)