Saturday, March 16, 2013

January and February Funny Thoughts

While I was getting everyone buckled into the car, Sparrow said,
"This would be a lot quicker if we had ONE child with four heads." -Jan. 6

Sp: "Oh my goodness! You're almost a hundred! ...I mean, I know you're only 30, but that really IS close to 99!" -Jan. 15

Golden and Sparrow singing,
"Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet, eating her courage awaaaaayyyyyy...." (Oh dear.) -Jan. 18

Sp: "Mom, if we call Silas 'I, I' a lot, and then a pirate comes and says 'aye, aye, captain,' Silas will go RUNNING over, with a naked booty." (She wanted to name him II, because he's 2 years old. She was learning about Roman numerals.) -Jan. 19

me: "So the word 'erbse,' guess what it means? it means 'pea.'"
Sp: "Well I'm going erbse." (Runs off to the bathroom.) -Jan 19

Golden, very sick and wailing
me: "What's bothering you the most?"
G: "The crying."
me: "Oh! Good! Cause that's what's bothering me the most too." -Jan. 22

G: "Mom, God isn't afraid when He's by himself in the night. He always gives himself light. ...And to us." -Jan. 25 (age 4)

G: "Mom, I don't WANT to grow up and move away and make you wipe the table by yourself!" (crying) -Jan. 28

Sp: "Pippa is the champion of toothbrush-taking." -Jan. 29

G: "God has even more powers than Goliath." -Jan. 29

I am taking Golden to the bathroom at church and she sees a lady in the kitchen area setting out cookies. When I have to tell her that they are not for us, she responds, "Are they for the people who are hungry?" LOL--the connection: the congregation is singing, "we are hungry, we are hungry, we are hungry for more of you..." -Feb. 2nd

me: "Silas, you're such a pleasure."
Si: "No. I not eshr."
me: "No? What are you, then?"
Si: "I'm cuckoo bird." -Feb. 10

Sp: "Mom, I bet Ivy would be a very common name in Roman." (still learning about Roman numerals... IV. Haha.) -Feb. 15

G: "Mom, if I blow away with the wind all day, I would really miss you." -Feb. 20

G: "We don't want to become rich."
me: "Yes, we do."
G: "But then you will become a fatty."
Sp: "No, we won't... Only if we ATE all the money."
G: "Ew, but we can't crunch it."
Sp: "We wouldn't have to crunch it, only swallow it. ...But that would be fairly gross." -Feb. 23

Jeannie (Alias of one of our dear little Alzheimers ladies) says about Pippa, "She's so beautiful."
Silas, irritated: "No, he not! He's PIPPA!" -Feb. 23

I was telling the children that Daddy and I were going on a date the next day. Silas says,
"Yeah! Go Daddy on date! I LOVE Daddy on date!" -Feb. 24 (You should hear how he talks too. It's very halting, but he tries so hard to be sure to pronounce everything correctly. There should almost be dashes in between all the words. SO proud of him for suddenly saying just about everything!)

Sp: "Mom, in Felicity's time... Was it... unnecessary for a man to kiss a woman who wasn't married to him?"
me: "What do you mean by 'unnecessary'?"
Sp: "Not...polite."
me: "Yes. It was not polite."
Sp: "Is it still not polite?"
me: "...YES." -Feb. 28