Thursday, August 21, 2014

Silas Turns Four

My son turned FOUR years old today!!! He told me that he is going to be 19 someday, and eleventeen too, and also informed me (since he's going on 19 and about to get his jet pilot license) that jets do NOT go "whee, go, go go!" when they take off. Oops. Right?  

He has been telling us all summer (and telling strangers, too), that he was "gonna be four in August." Now that day has finally come, and he could barely contain himself with the joy of a desire fulfilled. And getting a super aircraft carrier toy at the breakfast table helped along the excitement too! ...I know, I know. I maybe shouldn't have bought it. But you know what? Those times when I really wanted something, and my mom actually bought it for me? Those few and precious times? Those are some of my most treasured memories of my childhood. Just remembering how special it made me feel that she would say yes, and make the sacrifice, and get me that thing. That was bonding for me. Of course, I was a girl! Hahaha! Ah, shopping... 

Anyways, his favorite movie these past couple of months has been the National Geographic documentary, "Super Carrier." He will just watch the whole thing every day if you let him. Hah. I really enjoyed watching him love that. It beats Barney, that's for sure!

So here I sit just cherishing age 4. The way he smiled at me over mealtime prayer tonight, like his face was gonna break, was priceless!

If he had a smile-cracked face, I had a bursting heart.  

Here are some pictures of his age 3 year. I...kind of miss age 3 already! Not that I don't like age 4. I love it! But I know that today comes only once. And I know, that I know, that I KNOW, that when I look back on this time it will bear nothing but golden memories of him and his sweet boyishness that was just barely overtaking his babyhood. It is absolutely riveting and heartbreaking to be part of it. I am just feeling the beauty.

I love you, Silas. You are going to be incredible this year. And every year after that will be better and better too—it is so fun to be on the journey—I mean, the jet ride—with you!

Watch my sentimental slideshow here, or simply scroll through the pictures below... (they are the same)



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