Saturday, June 9, 2007


oh sparrow. she is such a baby. a girl. a girl and a baby rolled into one. i got her some kiddie sunglasses at the toystore today. she looks amazing in them. and also some little colorful hair clips. when she saw her image in the mirror, she reached up to her head to take the clips out! is it just me, or is she not supposed to realize yet that the person in the mirror is actually her? i mean, wasn't it just last week that she was checking behind the mirror to find and touch that baby on the other side of the glass? but in az at 12 mos. she was also taking bows out of her hair when she glimpsed her reflection in the sliding door. so she must have already had some associateion of that image to herself.

last wednesday (june 6th i believe) we all went to thomas' wed. night ballet that he teaches at the rec center. sparrow loved being in the studio and was even dancing along, attempting to do plies and port-du-bras. she was great. so maybe she will want to be a dancer after all, even though thomas is determined not to try to sway her toward it unfairly. the girl's life of ballet can be a social and physical torture. and i don't see myself wanting to be like the other ballet moms, elbowing for parts for their girls and jealousy and false pride and spite and ambition and living vicariously and all that crap. but for now it is still fun admiring her feet and her aptitude and the fun she has when dancing around. i dance around with her to music in the evening sometimes; she shows me some pretty cool moves.

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