Friday, May 9, 2008

more sayings to amuse mother

"Daddy is boiling water right now." -march 9

"draw on da bible? never never never." -march 9

"i'm stuck in the living room!" -march 9 (between a couch and a chair)

"i'm too messy. i'm too messy." -march 9 (butter on her hands)

"twinkle twinkle, little half and half!" -march 26

"i'm a genius!" -march 31, after flipping into her bed

"twinkle twinkle little hope, how i wonder what you hope." -march 17

"i smelling the sky! (sniffing the window.) mama! smell the sky!" -march 17

"he's nakey, mama! ...but he wears clothes at night!" -march 26

"i better watch out." (in Ross, early april, when a shopping cart almost hit her)

"i don't have a tail, mama!" -apr. 1, looking at me earnestly while reading a book

me: "did you have a good day today?"
sparrow: "yeah. i had fun with daddy." -apr. 1

she gives me her dinosaur to be kissed goodnight, then says "thank you!" and then, "i helped dinosaur say thank you!" -apr. 1

"i put my butt in the wall!" -late march
(i had told her not to put her feet on the wall, so she put her butt on it instead.)

"mama! i closed the door and ran, mama!" -apr. 2

"you are my munchkin." -apr. 2 (i was sooooo amused when she said this to me.)

"daddy, i'm hopping like a kangaroo!" -apr. 6

near the beginning of april she was saying "sure" and "yup!" a lot. (do you want a strawberry, sparrow?" "um...sure." so funny! cause she always used "sure" when she for sure for sure really wanted it, but still made it sound all casual.) now she says "yes," crystal clear, when she is answering positively. yup, yeah, and sure are gone. she is two years old now, after all.

"where's my dad? how's my dad doing?" -apr. 3

(praying at dinner) "thank you for mommy and for daddy and deers and giraffes and baby fawns and forks..." -apr. 8

"i forked it!" -mid-april when she was eating egg with a fork

i had told her one morning that "the mice are sleeping" because she was being really loud. a few days later, she says,
"guess who's sleeping, mama?"
"the mice and alan." -apr. 8

"i'm gonna eat the fuzzy. it looks tasty mama." -apr. 8

"Yeah! that's cool!" (over and over in line at the store. she had heard the lady in front of us say that.) -apr. 14

"there's the peets! i see it!" -apr. 14 (yeah for my 2 year old being excited about peets!)

me: "do you want to sit and eat your breakfast?"
sparrow: "no, i wanna stretch and watch pilates." -apr. 16

sparrow: "i want my dad, mom."
me: "he's in san francisco. he'll be back."
sparrow: "in an hour." -apr. 16

sparrow: "look! a dog! a dog!"
me: "uh-huh."
sparrow: "it has spots, mom." -apr. 19 (i love how she said this, it was really important for her to inform me that the dog had spots.)

"someone's crying, mom." -apr. 20, hearing some kids in the park

apr. 20--she kept calling the alligator (in a book) "elevator." usually she can say alligator no prob!

"it's 8 o'clock." -when she woke up apr. 20 (it wasn't 8 o clock. it was about 7.)

(singing) "thank you god, thank you god, for this wonderfulday! for this wonderfulday!" -apr. 18th (she made that one up herself. we usu. sing "for this food" or "for this car.")

(same song) "thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, for this Jesus!" -apr. 18th

(she also points up to the sky when she says "thank you God!" how does she know to do that? i don't do it!)

"sorry about your money, mom." -apr. 25, when my change rolled on the floor at the store

"where's your shopping list?" -apr. 25 (i hadn't even lost it, she was just saying that because i so often DO lose it!)

(when she got a cool new turtle in the mail she was soooo happy and started dancing ballet for it.) "turtle! i'm dancing like a ballerina!" -apr. 25

"i will never never break this." -early may, re: her high chair tray. she is always abusing it (hanging on it, etc.) and i am always telling her not to.

"grandma and opa were gonna come over tomorrow." -may 1, randomly

"i want a little bit of little tiny orange." -may 1

"this is a skirt. (picking it up out of the hamper.) it is dirty." she was trying to find her tutu with liz koppa. she looked around and said, "my tutu is not on the floor." -may 1

(trying to get her to nap)
me: "close your eyes, sparrow."
sparrow: "and settle down." -may 8

"i better get warm! we better get cozy!" -current, when she is cold outside

hahahaha, i have been trying to teach her not to grab things off the counter, and i keep having to tell her, "you have to ask first, like this: 'mom, can i play with that?'" instead of repeating the question, she would just answer it herself and nod, and then take the object. finally though she has gotten it, and can formulate a permission question! i was sooo amused at one of the first ones she did mid-april, she was trying to get me to pick her up, but whining "up, up, up." i said, "how do you ask?" and without hesitation she said, "mom, can i play with the up?" hoot! also, when i used to tell her to ask nicely, she would say "nicely" and think that was what i meant! now she knows she must formulate the question with a please and a nice voice. she is getting there.

conversations with herself: "...and what does a horsie say? goes, 'nay!' and what does a piggy say? goes 'oink!' and what does a baby say? goes 'wah!'" -current

me: "did you have a good day today?"
sparrow nods, then: "i missed you." -may 9, today. (melt!)

she is asking these types of questions nowadays: "and what are those over there?" pointing out windows, "and what's that noise?" hearing new sounds, "and what are those little guys?" usu. for characters in books, but she often uses "little guys" or "guys" for inanimate objects as well. it's so funny that she usually starts these questions with "and," as if we are looking at and discussing the picture-book of life together and we are merely turning a page.

another couple funny sentence structure things sparrow is doing right now: she says, "i wanna picked up!" when she wants up. also, when she knows she is not supposed to do something a certain way, she says "i don't...(do whatever it is)" "i don't fall down, mommy," instead of 'i won't fall down.' oh, and this one was FOREVER ago, when she first started talking, but i don't think i ever wrote it down: she would mix up the words chicken and kitchen. hence, when she woke up in the morning, she would say, "go to chicken, mama, go to chicken!" now she is a lot more advanced than that, obviously, though she still mixes up potato and tomato and a few other things. she will often say random things like "i wanna go downtown," or "i got a new address."

lately, and this is kind of crazy, i don't know where it comes from! she is telling me, "Jesus fell down, Jesus hit his face." i was a bit startled when she first said this a few days ago, but then i realized she might have been dreaming or had some sort of revelation, so i try to say, "yeah, i'm sure he did fall down cause he had to carry a big cross" or "yeah, he lived life as a person, and i know he fell down and hit his head." today at lunch she was whining for sugary cereal so much that i had to go stick her in her bed for a minute to get her attention. she screamed and screamed. when we got her back out she was meek and good and even happy for the rest of her non-cerealed lunch. i said, "thank you for being good and not whining. that makes mommy happy, and it makes daddy happy, and it makes jesus happy." her eyes lit up. "i wanna make jesus happy! and mommy happy and daddy happy and jesus happy. ...and jesus fell down and hit his head." she does seem to be stuck on something here, i can't quite figure it out!

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