Saturday, August 16, 2008

the good quotes keep rolling on

"i wanna hear the perfect little sound!" -mid-june

me: "i don't know where your binky is."
sp: "but can you go get it, though?" (such faith!) -mid-june

"mom! the tv is dacked up!" (jacked up) -june 23

"twinkle, twinkle, little bunch of stuff, how i wonder what you bunch of stuff." -june 26

me: "why are you crying? do you need help?"
sp: "no, i'm just carrying a whole bunch of heavy blocks." -june 27

"look, i pushed this little star into mama star!" -june 30, when she was playing with different-sized cookie cutters.

"my name is sparrow and i like to eat dinner!" -june 30

sparrow is loving sunday school which is great. her teacher's name is miss paula. one sunday (june 29) when i picked her up at sunday school, i learned that they had heard about paul and silas getting out of jail that day--how God broke the chains. sparrow told me earnestly before we left: "miss paula and silas broke the chains!!!"

(reading a nursery-rhyme based picture book)
me: "where is baby bunting? do you see baby bunting?"
sp: "baby bunting is in the lions' den!" -early july
(hahahaha--the basket with the baby is pictured in a stream, about to go under a bridge. she really really remembered the lesson about the lions' den from sunday school. in fact, she referred to the fox's hole in chicken little as the lions' den as well. she's such a funny one.)

"are you getting a special treat for me?" -july 1st

(singing) "i got a poopy, poopy, poopy poopy down in my heart." -july 1

(singing) "gracie got a booby, booby, booby, gracie got a booby all day long."
-july 6

(i was late getting somewhere and frustrated and speeding and mumbling about the idiocy of other drivers under my breath...) sparrow:
"mommy has to go faster!" -july 7

first thing in the morning, she said to me,
"what's YOUR name?" -july 7

"Psalm four three cow three B!" -july 8 (verse references can be confusing to 2-year-olds!)

"thank you for my mommy and my daddy and sparrow and the door"--pause--looks at me-- "you're gonna pray for the door!" -july 8

hahaha this is a good one: we were having a bunch of power outages during the fire and whenever the power would come back on one of the 1st things i would notice was the sound of the freezer so i would say "the freezer turned back on! that means we can check our email" well one of the times sparrow heard the freezer go on, and she says,
"Oh! the freezer turned back on! that means i can watch bear in the big blue house!" -july 8

"i wanna read animal pie soup! circus pie soup!" (the book was called alphabet soup.) -july 8

"i want some more johnny brown cake!" -july 8

"sparrow and mommy and daddy and jesus are going to peets!" -july 12

"thank you for deers and thank you for mosquitoes and thank you for my mommy and my daddy." -july 12

we are both going to the bathroom, sitting on our respective potties. sparrow gets up and comes over to me and sticks her face really close to mine and says earnestly, "mom, did baby sister come out?" -mid-july

(talking to my belly:)
"baby sister, auntie christy is coming to visit, did you know that?" -july 12

"baby sister, we're gonna read stories." -july 12

(super bummed that sparrow had pooped in her diaper during errands (again!) and REALLY not feeling up to changing her in the car)
me: "oh sparrow, you might have to wait cause... i just don't think i can handle it right now!"
sp: "you can't handle it, mom. let's just go outside and handle it, ok?" hahahaha! -july 13

me: "we're gonna do some laundry and eat some breakfast, and... what else are we gonna do today, sparrow?"
sp: "um...have a birthday party!" -july 17

"i'm not goofy! i'm named BABY SPARROW!" -july 18

july 14th or so she discovered a favorite new activity: pushing our heads together to make us kiss in the morning when i go to work and we are all saying goodbye. (one of us will be holding her.) she would never stop if we didn't tear ourselves away from her little grip on our necks!

"ein maedchen!" (in sing-songy voice, looking at her german book) (it means "a girl" in german, which i might have told her once or twice.) -july 18

"oh look at that blub blub fish! ... that catfish is doing an acrobat!" (pic of fish jumping out of the water) -july 22

(drawing) "look mom, i'm making a wormie!" -july 23

(still drawing)
sp: "can you draw on your present?"
me: "is that my present? thank you SO much!"
sp: "i'm gonna make another present." (keeps drawing.) -july 23

we were reading a book about cars. there is one page with an illustration of a "car" on the moon--some sort of vehicle with astronauts around it, and the page says "this car has no lights." sparrow looks at it for a second and says, "this man has no eyes." hahahahaha! they were wearing space suits with helmets of course! -july 26

we were singing "tomorrow" in the car and she adapted the words and started singing "in a minute! in a couple of days!..." -july 26

(talking to her stuffed animal)
"baby, would you like to sit on my lap? do you wanna look at the pictures? don't put your foot on it. don't." -july 27

"thank you for my mommy and my daddy and my vegetables and my food and salad and onions and amen." -july 31

"Night night, belly. night-night ta-tas. night night big belly." -july 31

she has also been praying nonsense words lately. praying in baby tongues, perhaps? we just kind of go with it and let her ramble.

"PA! i made a corner!" -aug. 2 (she is also calling me 'mother' sometimes now. HAH.)

(playing a game she calls "morning time/night time with liz koppa):
"it's morning time!!! ...uncle's still sleeping." -aug. 4

(i was talking to liz about her sunday school and how they are teaching them about God doing great miracles.) sparrow:
"God makes GREAT popsicles!" aug. 4

(to her dolly)
"i'm gonna put your clippy in your hair so you can be happy and eat your birthday cake, ok?" -aug. 9

she brought in her scissors and was wanting to cut everyone's hair: her doll's, mine, thomas'... (he actually let her cut off a tiny bit of his!) then she discovers thomas' leg hair and says,
"i'm gonna cut your feathers, ok?" -aug. 9

sparrow notices my after-birth belly and says,
"mom, are you gonna have another baby sister?" -aug. 11

but actually now that she realized she can sit on my lap again, she's been saying happily every night at reading time, "you don't have a big belly anymore!"

the other night, baby wakes up and is crying in the room where sparrow is also sleeping. i go to retrieve the baby, and sparrow says sleepily,
"she needs nu-nus!" (if she can know the baby's needs while she is half-asleep, i know she is much more aware than she lets on when she is pretending not to know something that we ask her to do!!!) -aug. 13

me: "sparrow, don't wake the baby."
sp: "i'm just saying hi to my Golden!" -aug. 13

(giving sparrow breast milk in a cup)
me: "i made it for you last night."
sp: "you made it for me when i was born." -aug. 13

(we saw a praying mantis outside in the hall that day)
me: "what did you see outside in the hall today?"
sp: "i did find a cricket salamander!"
me: "a cricket salamander? it's called a praying..."
sp: "a pringamander!!!!" -aug. 14

i was talking to melissa and alan about my labor and telling them about who all was here with me and how i was making a lot of noise or whatever. sparrow cuts in, "...and mommy was MOO-ing!" -aug. 14

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