Sunday, December 28, 2008

quotes from nov, dec.

"moses lost his pharaoh." 11-01 (watching 'the prince of egypt')

sp: "where's moses?"
me: "he's in heaven."
sp: "...and he's coming back!" 11-02

"when she gets older, she will have some teeth and eat it!" 11-02

sp: "you look like a roly-pop." (lolly pop)
me: "how do i look like a roly-pop?"
sp: "cause i'm gonna eat it!" 11-05

"when i get bigger, i'm gonna be a mommy and i'm gonna wear a wedding dress!" 11-05

(it's really cute in general that she thinks every long gown is called a wedding dress.)

(singing) "i got a mommy and i got a sister, i got a golden and i got a daddy toooooo... i got an aya and i got an uncle and i got everything i neeeeeeeeed." early nov.

11-19: we were reading a book about a normal kid going over to a rich kid's house for a sleep over. on the page where he enters the house, sparrow looks at the illustration and says, "well...this is uncle rod's." she remembered what uncle rod's house was like, i was amazed! the last time we had been there was in the summer.

"kay, here's what you do. you dip it, then you taste it, like this!" 11-03 (eating carrots or something, and talking to herself

"kay, i got some cheese and i cannot think about it, and i cannot pay money for it, and i cannot eat it!" 11-06

sp: "God always goes pee."
mom: "well, you know, He's in heaven, so He doesn't have to go pee. when Jesus was on earth, He did have to go pee, but now he's in heaven, so he doesn't have to."
sp: "but He's coming back!"
mom: "that's right, He is. And He is God, but God is with us all the time."
sp: "well, where is God's hair?"
mom: "we're gonna have to ask Him when we see Him, sparrow."
sp: "i'm gonna say, 'Jesus, can i borrow your hair?'" 11-08

"swan lake needs more money." 11-09

"we're going to parks class. would you like to come, God?" 11-10

"God is getting SO tall! and he will be able to play play doh, (thinks twice) ...he is with me when i play play-doh." 11-10

"God, you died on the cross!" 11-10

me: "your shoes are on the floor."
sp: "oh! i thought they were in the basket!" 11-10 (pretty good sentence structure for a pre-3!)

"i love my baby! i wanna name her spot! i wanna name her stripe!" 11-10 (golden was wearing a stripey onesie)

me: "come over here!"
sp: sticks her legs under her nightgown and says, "I don't have legs to walk!!" 11-16

me: "don't touch her eyes, that's very very dangerous."
sp: "that's very, very owie." 11-10

sp: "what's that?"
me: "it's the couch cushions. they're made out of corduroy."
sp: "no, they're made out of pillows." 11-10

(sparrow sitting on the toilet)
sp: "it splashed me!!"
me: "yeah, sometimes poopy can do that."
sp: "um...poopy splashes me ALL the time!" 11-11

"maybe next week we could get some money and then maybe we could go to trader joe's." 11-12

we had just come back from viewing the ocean at sunset and i was talking to sparrow about how the ocean was all pink and purple. she says,
"can the ocean be like a dress?" 11-13

"i will pray for lily and i will pray for asher, and we'll pray for bananas." 11-19

sp: "i'm eating the wind!"
me: "what does it taste like?"
sp: "it tastes like chicken. tastes like vanilla." 11-21

sp: "are you doris?"
me: "yeah."
sp: "auntie christy calls you dodie." (how does she remember!?) 11-21

(going pee)
sp: "i like it!'s like rain!"
me: "your pee is like rain?"
(stops peeing)
sp: "the rain stopped!" 11-21

me: "do you want deck the halls, or joy to the world?"
sp: "i want duck to the holes." 11-24

"mom, is your scissors eating the leaf?" (i was cutting out a leaf for our thankfulness tree) 11-26

"look! the wall has a nose!" thanksgiving day 11-27 (putting a pointy object on the wall)

(borrow your hair! hahaha, but it's amazing, she does know the concept of borrowing. sometime in sept. or oct., we were going to the lomelino's and in the car i was all bummed when i realized i had forgotten Golden's pacifier. sparrow said, "you can borrow Hope's." and i did!)

"make sure it doesn't get dark so much." 11-22

one november day we saw an X on the sidewalk.
sp: "oh look! a cross!"
me: "ooh, what is a cross for?"
sp: "it's for God."

"some children are good and it makes God happy." 12-05

sp: "we're getting a kitty in two months."
me: "we can't get a kitty, daddy's allergic. do you know what allergic means?"
sp: "yeah."
liz koppa: "what does it mean?"
sp: "it means we can't get a kitty." 12-08

"dolphins don't have butts." 12-08

"they scampered along! and the little one is gonna scamper along!"
(bouncing carrots on her tray) 12-10

"mom, i'm eating a brown valise." 12-10
(she had no idea what a brown valise was, but she remembered the word from a book)

"God is with me when i'm washing my haaaaaaaiiiiiiiirrrr!" 12-09 (wailing in the tub. at least she knows God is with her at this *traumatic* time!)

"i began to fall down!" 12-13 (when she almost fell off a chair)

"is she gonna sleep for 20 minutes?" 12-14 (when i put golden down for her nap)

sparrow singing so accurately:
"you are beautiful my sweet, sweet song..." 12-15

"oh--we LOVE cardamom!" 12-15
(hearing me read a recipe aloud)

me: "sparrow, you're so observant! that means that you really look at things, and you see things, and you notice things..."
sp: "and i grab things!" 12-16

"the cars are going in time-out." 12-16

"a dog is not gonna eat us!" 12-16

" i saw a boy-lion in einstein!" 12-16 (she was referring to a baby einstein video)

"i'm cough-able." 12-17 (coughing, of course!)

"we live in january." 12-17

(holding a red candle)
"it's as red as a tomato!"
then, "mommy, remember not to eat it!" 12-19

"this soap is very smell-ful." 12-19

"YOU cut the banana. RIGHT NOW." 12-20

"i was eating an orange and i was watching the little prince of egypt!" 12-22
(telling me when she learned of hippos wanting to eat the baby moses basket.)

"mama, you smell like a wildebeest!" 12-26 (something she picked up from thomas!!)

sparrow was playing an alphabet game (god forbid) on a baby lap top. you were supposed to fill in the missing 1st letter in the word "moon." she looked at the image of the moon on the screen and said,
"it starts with goodnight!" 12-26

me: "do you have to go to the potty?"
sp: "no."
me: "then why are you clutching your bum?"
sp: "it means that i want to read a story." 12-26

(singing 'the lord is my shepherd, i'll walk with him always')
"always, always, i'll walk with camel ways!" 12-26

(we were looking at the lines in the sky created by airplanes and i wondered aloud if it was pollution that created the lines.)
sp: "wow, pollution! i love pollution!" 12-27

then she said, "that grass is named pollution." 12-27

"God pretects us! God pretects us in the cloud!" (we were driving to the beach and it was really foggy at the coast. we drove right into it and i told her we were going into a cloud. then she broke out with the "pre-tecting" heha, not protecting, mind you. then, since i always ask her in the car if the sun is in her eyes, she decided to let me know:
"the fog is in my eyes. I would like the fog to move." 12-31

"oh, there's a santa claus outside!" 12-31 (it was a bum with a white beard off the side of the road!)

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