Wednesday, August 5, 2009

july phrasing

"this music is not good for my brain." -july 1 (she wanted to hear a story on tape instead)

"one teaspoon of sugar, one teaspoon of cookies, one teaspoon of chocolate, one teaspoon of alligator, one teaspoon of sugar alligator..." -july 3 (her special recipe for making cookies)

"I was just dreaming of a cat fest." -july 4th

"is it a holiday?" -july 2 (she saw a red, white, and blue wreath in trader joe's. i was impressed by her keen reasoning skills, and her mastery of the word "holiday")

"is the 4th of july gonna have a cake?" -july 3

me: "today is the 4th of july."
sp: "YAAAAAAAY! i wanna go to TRADER JOE'S!" -july 4th (because of the decorations she had seen in trader joe's, she thought that's where the party was happening.)

"hey, look at my awesome tricks!" -july 5th

"mom, i feel very tired about this." -july 6th

"there is a sign on my house that says 'no playing in the poop!' " -july 6

"mom, this is SO plastic, that it can't break." -july 8th

me: "samuel has to go to the doctor."
sp: "is the doctor gonna sew samuel's teeth back together?" -july 8th

"well how do farmers milk water cows?" -july 8 (during a discussion on cows, where milk comes from, and how it is extracted. she logically wanted to know, what about the cows that make water instead of milk? then we had a whole lesson on where water comes from.) then...

"mom, where do invitations come from? do invitations come from cows?" -july 8

golden cuteness: one of her favorite games this month was to take my nursing pads, put them on her head to play "hat," and then try to put them back in my shirt where they belong. haha!

another amazing thing about golden: i speak to her mostly in german, and her first couple of words have been german. but she is understanding english very well too. the other day i said to thomas in english, "golden can have broccoli, but we have to take her shirt off first." well! golden immediately got visibly excited (she loves broccoli), and not only that, but she started trying to take her shirt off! amazing. -july 13

"...and they trained kate not to pee or not to cry or not to jump on the sofa while they were reading." -july 21

"i will close the door so daddy doesn't get in. ok. the door is locked because the door locks at 7:12." -july 21

"mom, you're gonna get big like a city." -july 24

"dad, i'm gonna tie the greasy bear to the rocking chair for you. and it's gonna be special." -july 24

"no, golden. this is my house. unfortunately." -july 26 (not so proud of her attitude, but more her vocabulary.)

sp: "i forgive you."
me: "i didn't say sorry. is there something you think i should have said sorry for?"
sp: nods
me: "for what?"
sp: "for snapping at me." -july 26
(ouch! i do have way too sharp of a tongue at times. something the Lord and i are working on... more on that later.)

(we stayed up in san francisco with thomas' friend Al who is an old family friend of theirs.)
sp: "where's mrs. al?"
me: "there isn't one."
sp: "yes there is, he is married with gino's mommy."
(later i realized she had seen a picture of al dancing with gino's mommy (sparrow's aunt paula) on her wedding day. hahahaha! wow.) -july 27

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