Thursday, September 10, 2009

august wisdom

"i wanna name my first daughter 'pancake.' and i'll name my second kid 'cake.' " -aug. 2

me: "you look quite like a 1920s vixen, my dear."
sp: "mom, can you name me 'absynthe'?" -aug. 2
(that was a COMPLETE coincidence that she said absynthe after i had mentioned the 1920s. i think she was just making that word up on the spot, too.)

me: "we are borrowing way too much money."
sp: "are we obama?" -aug. 5 (the things she knows! ...i had no idea about the prez when i was three! of course now i know he was amazing. yeah reagan.)

me: "hold your horses."
sp: "do the horses have feelings? do the horses love me?" -aug. 5

we went to the kids' fair at fiesta. remembering this happy time, sparrow says,
"all i wanna do is make some money and do something else." -aug. 6
(yes, don't we all feel that way!!!)

"are you texting daddy?" -aug. 6

"mom, you're gonna have to start liking my snuggling." -aug. 6

"mom, does heaven have a door? does heaven have sky? ...hey, the sky does not have a door!" -aug. 6

"hey, when i die, i wanna find heaven in a rocket ship." -aug. 6

"look, mommy, i made a planet." -aug. 8 (holding a hoop around a ball like saturn!)

sparrow puts my coffee cone on a little bowl upside down & says
"now it looks like a jack-bowl."
me: " what do you mean?"
sp: "it has a hat on."
me: "oh like a jack-in-the-box!" -aug. 10

sp: "mommy, help me make a cave that i can sleep in."
me: "ok, but you're gonna have to wait. we are doing morning worship."
sp: "maybe Jesus could hide in a cave." -aug. 13

me: "do you want to learn german?"
(sparrow shakes head)
me: "well i think you should. it's a wonderful tool."
sp: "baby with no interested ears." -mid-august

(making fiesta-inspired confetti eggs at home)
sp: "the eggs don't like to be painted."
me: "then why did we paint them?"
sp: "because they need to be disciplined EVERY time." -aug. 17

"there's an angel! ...that's from God." -aug. 19 (seeing a satellite picture of hurricane Bill ...she was remembering the angel of death from 'the prince of egypt')

"does ma'am mean 'mom' in german?" -aug. 19

sp waking up: "i feel sick."
me: "where, in your tummy?"
(sp. shakes head)
me: "where?"
(sp. points to her neck)
me: "your throat hurts?"
sp. shakes head, then says: "let's talk about this later." -aug. 19

sp: "God is making more babies!"
me: "where do you think he's making them?"
sp: "in heaven."
me: "and then what does he do with them?"
sp: "he gives them to people. the mommies and the daddies." (randomly, at the park) -aug. 19

"this honey is not raw. it's for special occasions." -aug. 21

"there's grapes in my owie." -aug. 21 (her scab was a purple color.)

"i don't like this water. it tastes like halloween." -aug. 21

sp: "she wanted to worship Jesus."
me: "that's right. but she's not allowed to. her parents don't believe in Jesus."
sp: (processing worst thing imaginable to a 3-yr-old) "...does she not have any toys?" -aug. 23

"dogs are tired all the time." -aug. 26 (might have been the panting that gave her this idea?)

"i can't stand on my head all by myself. so that's why i need a couch to help me." -aug. 26

uncle rick playing scrabble: "i'm melting." -aug. 23
yep, he's funny too!

me: "this is so frustrating!"
sp: "is it made in china?" -aug. 27

(eating muffins)
"hey i love this! i am so glad you put sugar in here." -aug. 27

sp: "mom, how old are you?"
me: "27. think 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100!"
sp: "well you're gonna have a couple birthdays coming up soon." -aug. 27

(singing "along" during morning worship. she had a guitar too.)
"to the castle i ran...." -aug. 27

sp: "i'm cold!"
me: "well as soon as you're done playing in the water you can put your clothes on."
sp: "i'm warm again!" -aug. 27

"what's the tree's last name?" -aug. 30

"once upon a time there was a duck. not on a log. he floated and floated and floated. but one day, he sank. and a shark ate him." -aug. 30

sp: "mom, soldiers deserve spanks."
me: "why would you say that?"
sp: "because they do something naughty and they want to kill and hurt Jesus. and that's why they need a discipline." -aug. 31

sp: "may i have some corn bread?"
me: "no, you said 'may i be excused.'"
sp: "does that mean, 'i'm all done' in german?" -aug. 30

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MikeandCharlsie said...

HiLaRiOuS!!!! Love it. She cracks me up. The last one is esp. funny. I also like the disciplined Every time one!!! My kids cracked someone up the other day by asking if something contained high fructose corn syrup....