Sunday, October 11, 2009

september speaks

"my horsie says 'criminal.' it bit my finger, it's very naughty, and it is big and wild." -sept. 5

"i'm so happy cause i love my horsie. and it's OLD." (we found an old rocking horse and took it home) -sept. 5

(thomas drinking bubble water)
sparrow: "that will burn your eyes out."
me: "what?"
sp: "that. the bubbly bubbly." -sept. 5

and here's a cute one from golden:
i was showing golden a pillow and saying the german word for it, "kissen."
she leans over and gives me a kiss! -sept. 5

"did you hear that mom? my fart was really loud! it scares people." -sept. 7

(rolling a toy dump truck around the floor.)
"mom, move your glass! the truck is not watching where it's going!" -sept. 9

radio: "march of dimes, march for babies."
sp: (excitedly) "we gotta march for OUR baby!" -sept. 10

"not occation, vacasion." -sept. 10
(that mix-up is even hard for me to pronounce!)

(we call boogers "boogies" at our house)
sp: "what about a boogie on a board?" -sept. 14

one day in the car sparrow sang a song consisting of the phrase "what's going on out there" repeated over and over and over... then she explained it all to me:
"i'm singing a song right now. it's about a little bird that's lost in a forest, and there are wild things, and they want to eat the bird."
then she proceeded to sing "what's going on out there" for another full ten minutes! -sept. 16

(reciting psalm 84:11)
"no good thing does He withhold from those who...are up there!" -sept. 19
(it really says "from those who walk uprightly)

me: "we have lots to do on thursday."
sp: "are we gonna thurs?" -sept. 21

me: "what sound does the letter B make?"
sp: "zzzzzzzz zzzzzzz zzzzzzz." -sept. 21

family napping together in the bed.
sparrow: "we're all mixed!" -sept. 27

sparrow cutting paper, a cd is playing in the background
sp: "hey the lady in the CD doesn't know that i'm cutting." -sept. 28
and also "hey that girl in the CD sounds like a boy." (hah! it WAS a boy for all we know!)

me: "you've gotta get on your own bed because mommy needs to sleep next to her husband. when you have a husband you'll get to sleep next to him too."
sp: "i want a thomas one." -sept. 29

"i want to marry you and daddy and golden AND my husband. then we'll both have husbands." -sept. 29

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