Monday, November 9, 2009

october quotable

"i want it buttoned all the way because it's not fair to see my nakedness." -oct. 4

when i called sparrow "little miss chocolate," she said, "where's mr. chocolate? ...hey! maybe my baby brother will grow up, and then he'll be my size, and then he'll get some chocolate, and then he'll be mr. chocolate!" (where is this baby brother she's talking about?!) -oct. 4

(naming a new stuffed animal)
"her first name is meleusa and her middle name is gabzooga and her last name is star. and her very last name is chanca." -oct. 5

(we were making shepherd's pie that eve...)
"are we gonna put shepherds in the pie?" -oct. 6

me: "oh i know what we could have brought to class for C--a cross!"
sp, cheerfully: "we could bring a cross, to die on!" -oct. 8

sp: "i don't want the blanket to get poop on it."
me: "me neither. but it won't. we'll be careful."
sp singing: "oh be careful little blanket what you--get on yourself!" -oct. 9

"i love daddy, but i don't want him to wash my hair." -oct. 10

(talking about thanksgiving.)
sp: "and myself can come."
me: yourself? absolutely, yourself is one of the most important people that should be there, for me."
sp: "and for me." -oct. 15

"some people have to move somewhere where they can have christmas." -oct. 20

sp: "can i have the berries, mom?"
me: "no, they're for my wreath."
sp: "no, i mean for the owl to eat. the fake owl doesn't have any food. ...i guess he'll go out for bugs." -oct. 21

sp: "what did daddy say?"
me: "he said he was gonna do the dishes."
sp: "he's the best man for me ever." -oct. 21

sparrow had a booger on her finger. she held it up to the night light and said excitedly,
"warm it by the light! warm it by the light!" -oct. 21

sp: "i love to go to uncle's birthday, it's fun, and we're gonna have animal cake. we're gonna catch a zebra and put it in the cake."
me: "and what's gonna happen when we cut the cake?"
sp: "there's gonna be zebra pieces in the cake, like marshmallows." -oct. 23

"there's a loooooot of fairies in germany." -oct. 25

"am i ever gonna roll away to heaven?" -oct. 25

"mommy! i don't want to be all by myself with golden and God and the angels." -oct. 26

me: "i have an idea! we could make a lemonade stand and you could sell lemonade!"
sp: "i have an idea! i could sell sucking pigs and you could sell lemonade!" -oct. 27
(we had been reading "farmer boy" by laura ingalls wilder in the evenings)

golden: "bye bye, dad." -oct. 27 (first phrase!)
and "hi, mama." -oct. 28

(sparrow putting on her tiara)
"i'm gonna be the queen of helping."
and later,
"i'm gonna be the queen of not helping." -oct. 29

me: "what should we have for lunch?"
sp: "i'm gonna have apples and hot sauce." -oct. 29

"the mommy got some new children. and she switched her old ones to someone else." -oct. 29 (pretend playing with her teddy and other stuffed animals.)

"mom, are you gonna do the next thing?" -late oct.

sp: "are we gonna be sad?"
me: "no."
sp: "then why is it sadder-day?" -oct. 31

"this 'E' is the duck's uncle! his name is katie. ...he's a girl uncle." -oct. 31

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