Thursday, April 1, 2010

excited about letters

sparrow has been getting into the beginnings of writing letters. the first sound we have worked on is the "oo" sound, and her first written words were "boot" and "boo." this was not a systematic teaching of mine, but rather grew out of a book we were reading called "toot and puddle" by holly hobbie. (a wonderful book with great illustrations.) the repetition of the short name "toot" made it easy for her to learn to read it, and we went on to writing from there.

here are her first written words:

doing great, and she writes whenever she gets the chance! but look what ended up on her grandmother's easter card last night!! i laughed until i cried.

then tonight, she wanted to play "coffee." she said, "i'll be the person that earns the money and you be the person that buys the coffee." she poured me a nice latte that cost twenty dollars. then she wrote me a receipt!

i am loving this. precious moments in the midst of moving craziness.


lorrie Harden said...

This made me LAUGH out loud!! You are such an amazing mom!! You remind me to take time for these precious moments!! With 6, I can definitely miss them! I will be looking for them over the next few days and try to report back!
Thanks for sharing!!

The City Girl said...

I literally had tears when I read this one! So funny!