Saturday, September 11, 2010

july/ august quotes

"bear was the disobeyer." -sp. july 10

"mom, i don't like it when people sing happy birthday to me. i just like to sing it to everyone else. so could you tell all the people in the world not to do that to me? cause all the people in the world might take turns doing that." -sparrow, july 11

sp: "can i have some ice water?"
me: "no, there isn't any ice; there's something wrong with the ice maker."
sp: "well, we could HUNT for some!" -july 16

"golden, cheese is NOT animal. grows on trees." -sparrow, aug. 4th

me: "it's so green outside! how pretty."
sp: "well i think it should be pink outside." -aug. 11

me: "shoot, i ran a red light, i hope i don't get a ticket!"
sp: "the kind of ticket you get to go somewhere special?" -aug. 18

golden's funny words:
"bike-issle" (bicycle)
"hanguber" (hamburger)
"bili cord" (umbilical cord)

also, the other day the girls were eating yogurt. all of a sudden golden looked down and noticed she had spilled copious amounts on her dress. her immediate response: "oh gu'ness!"

her first complete sentence, i believe, was on july 21st:
"my clippy fell down!" she does talk a lot and can go on and on, she prays sweetly listing people every evening, but usually she leaves out some connective words between her thoughts, so i was surprised to hear that sentence with each word in its proper place!

Golden praying:
"lissa and uncle reesa and gino, and grampa ceci, and..."
(melissa and cousin teresa and cousin gino and grampa jim who lives with auntie ceci...) -aug.11

"i know, i could marry silas!" -sp., aug. 22

(excitedly, full of wonder)
"oh! HE smells like PIZZA!" -sp. aug. 24

"does God have a cell phone? ...a really big one?" -sp. aug. 24

looking at silas,
"mom, i'm glad he didn't break when i leaned on your belly." -aug. 24