Wednesday, November 30, 2011

October /November Noveltyspeak

G: "My face is clean."
me: "No, it's not; it has butter on it and so do your hands."
G: "I don't see any butterness." -Oct. 1

G: "My ankle is hurt, so I need some peppermint tea." or on other occasions, "My feelings are hurt, so I need some peppermint tea." -October

G: "My arms are dizzy." -Oct. 13

G: "Mommy is Mack-ing the Cheese!" -Oct. 14

When I sprayed Golden's bottom to help her wipe, she said,
"He, he. That tickles... every day." -Oct. 27

me: talking about grandmothers and grandfathers
Sp: "Is it grand when you have a smile on your face?" -Oct. 27

me: "God took six days to work and one day to rest. So it reminds us to rest. It's important to follow God's example."
Sp: "The 'remind me' day and the 'oh yeah' day." -Nov. 3

G: "Why do people don't like to touch fire?"
me: "Because it hurts really really badly and it can destroy your body."
G: "Yeah... that makes me sad and it hurts my feelings." -Nov. 2

G (standing on chair): "Mom, when I'm your age, can I be this tall?"
me: "Sure, Golden. Actually it's God who decides how tall you're gonna be."
G: "Yeah, and He decides what movie we're gonna watch." -Nov. 3

Sp: "This is my ship, the Maple Flower."  -Nov. 7

Sp: "We're still battling over our sins and stuff. Cause life is hard. That's what we're finding out about life." -Nov. 8

Danielle: "I really want my teeth brushed."
me: "You're gonna have to ask your mommy."
Sp: "You're gonna have to ask God about that." -Nov.12

me: "I don't even know if Danielle is awake yet."
Sp: "Yeah-huh! She goes to bed at 49. That's what Auntie Omi told me." -Nov. 12

G: "I'm getting married to this."
Sp (distressed): "But that's not a prince!"
G: "I know, but I'm getting married to it." -Nov. 15

G: "Hey Daddy! When you were in the office and Mommy was sleeping and Sparrow and I were on the green couch, I heard 'ckch--ckch--ckch.'"
Daddy: "O yeah? And what was it?"
G: "Probably it was God, or the floor cracking." -Nov. 21

G: "In the sea, there are pirate ships, and they have pirates in them, and they want to eat us for dinner." -Nov. 20

G: "D-A-R-F spells with Golden." -Nov. 20

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