Thursday, May 10, 2012

April Quotes

Sparrow is six, Golden is three and two-thirds...

G, after a pee accident: "I really don't wanna get potty trained."
me: "What's potty trained?"
G: "Going potty."
me: "You never wanna go potty again?"
G: "Never pee and never poop."
me: "Well, in heaven we won't have to pee or poop."
G: "I really wanna go up." -April 9

Sp: "I wanna go to GOD-world!" -April 10 (after much thinking about Disneyland, Sea-world, etc.)

G: "I'm really serious. I'm really DUPER serious." -April 10

G: "Nonsense!"
me: "Do you know what that means, nonsense? It's from "non" which means no, and "sense." It makes no sense!"
G: "Well if somebody doesn't have a nose, then they can't smell. That's non-scents." -April 10

G: "Mommy, whenever you drink coffee, it makes me wanna go peepee." -Apr. 21

G: "I had a dream of a poky monster. And he did do bad things to me. And I usually wanted to go back out." ...then later..."Mom, the poky monster was scratching up my nose. And it really hurted. He had sharp claws." -April 21

G: "I had a dream about sparkle warkle unicorn city. And there was pink and rainbow-colored birds in the sky, and they were singing nice songs about unicorns. About not die. And they were singing and singing and their breath was getting tired." -April 23

me: "You can't attach the rope to the pulleys first. The pulleys need to wait, they are just an in-between place."
G: "The pulleys need to get in the patience of God." -Apr. 24

me: "When I was little, my friends and I made up a language. And we wrote a dictionary so we could say what each word meant."
Sp: "...And when you wanted to talk to each other in your language, you would just look in your dictionary!"
G: "Yeah--and if you put a dictionary on your chair, you will sit higher." -Apr. 25

G, praying: "...And that Daddy will get a job. Amen. I prayed for that twice. I mean TWO TIMES." -Apr. 25

G: "Mom, I'm a doula. You can be a doula too."
me: Oh yeah, what's a doula?"
G: "It makes a crazy sound and then it turns bad and then it grows up. It can eat you. And it's a monster. A doula is a javelina. It's a bad pig." -Apr. 27

Sp: "I went as DOWN as I could, cause I was a worm-dragon, and then I found the lava place." -Apr. 30

Near accident in the middle of the night, but Golden woke up and I helped her in the bathroom. I told her afterward, since her panties were a little wet, to put new ones on. She wasn't into that, and didn't skip a beat in informing me:
"I LOVE wet panties!" -Apr. 31

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