Friday, June 8, 2012

May munchkin talk

G: “Mom, I missed my dream because it was fun and it was nice! It was about a nice cow and a nice moose and a nice lion and a nice sheep but they didn’t fight and the sheep was a princess in the castle.” –May 2

Sp: “Mom! As soon as you move, you just want to live in your old house again… I miss both houses I’ve lived in—and the womb.” –May 3

Sp: “I wanna get a limo, mama. Cause we’re gonna have 20 children—if they’re all good—and we can’t fit them all in this car.” –May 4

Golden, singing to Pippa:
“I will give you milk
And I will use your brain
And you are faith-doodle-bug
And you are called blubbery
You can lead the way…” –May 4

G: “Mommy, I can’t move my arms cause my armpits hurt.” –May 4

Sp: “Mommy, why is Daddy sleeping in the morning?”
Me: “Because he goes to bed late and gets up early. He takes naps cause he doesn’t sleep that much at night.”
Sp: “So…he’s like animals?” –May 8

Me: “These fleas are evil!”
G: “And you hate them.”
Sp: “Well, we don’t like the fleas, but they are God’s creation.”
Me: “Yes, they are. I don’t know why He made fleas though.”
Sp: “Because He’s God and sometimes He has secrets.” –May 8

G, waving a piece of paper: “I’ve got good news! It’s here in my hand!”
Me: “Oh good! What’s the good news?”
G: “Our house is on fire—and we have to run away to a castle.” –May 9

Golden, commenting on a nice playground: “No wild things here—no bobcats or robbers.” –May 12

G: “Mom, I wanna be big right now and go up to heaven and have fun. I can’t wait to see if it’s beautiful.” –May 12

 (Talking to my husband about onomatopoeia)
Me: “It’s a word that sounds like the sound it describes.”
T: “Like what?”
Me: “Tinkle. Or crackle.”
T: “What about pee?”
Me: “No… but poop is probably one.” (Thomas laughing at this point)
T: “What about butt?”
Me: “Butts don’t make sounds.”
(both laughing suuuuuuuuper hard)
T (crying-laughing): “Yes they doooooooo!” –May 18

G: “Mom, when you say ‘I doubt it,’ it means that I want to eat a cloud.” –May 12

(A  little confused from all our readalouds/ family devotion times)
Golden, giggling: “Daddy was reading the book of John, and he said ‘Mr. Thornbutt’ a lot of times!” –May 21

G: “Thank you Lord for this day, and that we would like for Daddy to get a job, and that we had a good day, and that we could rent this house and get a dog and a cat. Amen.”  -May 28

(playing with Golden, Sparrow makes up an imaginary address)
Sp: “Let’s go to Africania, Sixty-O house, and Hermie street.”  -May 20

(talking about fake online names)
Sp: “I’m Cherry, and Golden is Strawberry. Mom, you can be Coffee Girl.”
G: “And Daddy will be the guy who drinks the coffee and eats the strawberry and the cherry!” –May 20

Sp: “I’m gonna sit down and eat this big humiliated chicken.” –May 27

G: “My eye hurted in the night and Mama put Pippa’s nu-nu milk in it.”
Sp: “Did it hurt?”
G: “No.”
Sp: “What did it feel like?”
G: “It feeled like a cloud.” –May 27

Sparrow seriously and patiently explaining to Golden:
Sp: “A brain burn is when you eat hot food too fast.”
G:  “Yeah and it burned my tongue too.” –May 27

Sp: “Mama, I wanna play funly, and Golden isn’t making this game really all that fun.” –May 28

Me: “You put your pants on backwards.”
G: “Oh. Well can you help me not put them on backwards?” –May 28

Daddy was moving sleeping Golden, who had been very tired and crying minutes before, to the bedroom.
Daddy: “Heavy!”
Sparrow: “She’s lots heavy when she has a bunch of tears in her tummy.” –May 31

Daddy: “If we didn’t have Jesus, who would we go to? What would we move toward?”
Golden: “We would move to Temecula.” –May 31

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