Friday, January 4, 2013

November and December Quotes

 Sp: "If someone tried to buy God, He'd cost more than the highest number anyone could count to!" -Nov. 14

G: "Mom, Jesus dies on a tree. But not the kind with leaves." -Nov. 15

Sp: "It would be horrible to not be alive. You can't even think when you're dead. The only thing I would know is that I was not alive." -Nov. 17

Sp: "Mom, I know the devil's not my dad, but if he were somebody's dad, he would be the most horrible dad ever, to his child." -Nov. 17

me: "Goodnight, Silas."
Silas: "'Ight, Mom."
me: "I love you."
Silas: "No." -Nov. 17
(I thought this was soooooo funny, because he barely talks at all. His dry "no." I wonder what he really meant. LOL.)

G: "Mom, there's more than one dad in the world."
me: "Oh yeah?"
Sp: "Yeah--there's more than 100!"
G: "Even there's one hundred and 99." -November 19

Sp: "Ugh, I feel car sick and I don't want to go over the really bumpely part."
me: "Well, it's only really bumpely if Dad's not looking at the road."
G: "Dad, please don't look at the road." -Nov. 23

G: "Daddy a little bit doesn't fit in the car with his hat on." -Nov. 25

G: "Not the food kind of chicken. The animal kind." -Nov. 27

S: "Mom, are the cells in my body waterproof?" -Nov. 27

me: "...So 'green' is just a way to say 'good for the earth.'"
Sp: "Worms are definitely very green." -Nov. 27

Sp, pretending to be reading a newspaper: "Golden! This is so sad! It says here that a police officer was killing a caterpillar, just because he was fuzzy. Says here, in this section. That's the caterpillar. Going to heaven." -Nov. 27

G: "She's being in the hidey-est place she can find, Mom!" -Nov. 28

G: "I can't walk over there, cause my feet might get pikely."(she meat "poked by pine needles." LOL!) -Nov. 29

G: "Mom, I want a pegasus named Vanilla." -Nov. 29

G: "I want that dress, remember?"
me: "What dress?"
G: " Remember? It was ugly, but I didn't think so, but you put it on me." -Nov. 29

Sp: "Mom, there have been *some* moments when I've forgotten all about my troubles. Until I remember that I've forgotten about them." -December 1

me: "Pippa is so cute! We are so lucky to have more babies than you can shake a stick at."
Sp: "Mom, if we had a MILLION twins at the same time, I would shake a rattle at one of them, and they would ALL try to attack me." -Dec. 2

Golden's poem, early December:
I will as I won't
I will as I will
I will as I won't as I will

"Mom, my favorite present in all the world, would be a dog and a cat. with mothers and brothers and sisters and babies." O.o. -Golden, Dec. 22

Sp: "When I was little I used to think that hell was like a gray room in a basement, and you went down the hall and then turned left and then went straight and turned right and turned left and turned right and went through a door, and there was the devil, sitting on a pile of trash." -Dec. 22

Sp: "My favorite present in all the world would be to be healthy."
me: "You ARE healthy. Let's praise God for your health. Thank you Lord that this girl is healthy!"
Sp: "I'm glad that's an early Christmas present." -Dec. 22

Sp: "Mom, winter is the time when things cost the most money, because the store workers need to buy presents, so they need high prices. –Dec. 23

G: "Daddy, when you grow up, are you going to be a great artist?" -Dec. 26

(I was sick and Silas was grumpy.)
Sp: "Mom, this life wasn't supposed to turn out like this, with our mama sick and our little brother screaming." -Nov. 26

"G: "Mom, I'm gonna tell everyone in the whole world what an idiot is. I mean, not everyone, but all our friends who don't know what idiots are." -Dec. 28

Sp: “Isn’t it amazing that there are millions of tiny cells in my body? And God is so big, his cells are THIS BIG." (holds up fingers to indicate the size of an olive) –Dec. 29

Silas: Silas is almost 2 1/2 and doesn't seem to feel the need to speak very much. His mind is mystifying me, cause he normally pronounces the ends of words instead of the beginnings. He is a cuddle BUG and usually wakes up with a huge smile, and comes in trailing his blankie in the morning. He loves to eat carbs and to follow his sisters around in their games. He loves reading, pointing out and saying the names of colors (the ends of them, anyways), and gets excited about all kinds of machines and trucks, of course. He is very conscientious about cleaning messes, always running for a towel when he spills something. He even empties his own potty and rinses it out!!! When we finally get him to go #2 in it, we'll have to discourage that, I suppose! Here he is on New Years' Eve, enjoying his bubble water.

Pippa: Pippa is 9 months old and just got her 1st tooth. She is a superfast crawler, sometimes stands up without holding on to anything, and has learned about CLIFFS of the stairs and beds variety--what a relief! Now she just perches patiently on the landing, if she's crawled up the 3 stairs in our living room--I don't have to emergency-dash to catch her so much anymore! She is a good sleeper and takes several long naps per day. Her cheeks are very round and rosy (or irritated, but it makes them red!) and we are all forever kissing her. She does some pretty good imitations already and loves to play  "flip" on our bed. It's fun to see her sense of humor come out. She definitely has her "mama" word down but also says "dada" and "baba" (for pippa). She frequently eats paper, and I have to do the heimlich on her like twice a day, man! Here she is eating my dress, trying to get me to stop making snowflakes of a Sunday morning.

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