Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lives will be changed!

 Here is the project for this afternoon. Which I have wanted to get done for four months.

It is a master schedule for the family. I will be making about 7 of these, one for each day. Just kidding. But probably 2 or 3.

This is the schedule half completed--each color represents a different member of the family--yellow is me, and pink and purple are the older girls. (Most crucial to be scheduled gets scheduled first.)

Note that I bought a neat little foam poster board for this. And the schedule ran way off the board onto the table and down the side of it. That is my baby trying to get her sticky little fingers on my bedtime routine.

I eventually transferred it to the wall. It is an ugly wall piece but it is beautiful on the inside. Beautiful. All the possibilities of how it's going to transform our life are going through my brain right now.

Yes, that post-it scrap has a bite out of it. My baby likes to eat paper products. My, look at how dirty my floor is. And I am strangely unembarrassed by that.

Check out what I have in my schedule: Child Training! Most EVERY DAY!!! Update: I have been doing this for one day now and I had an AWESOME day. There was time for everything!!! Cleaning, child training, everything!! Nevermind that it is 2 am now. My computer play time doesn't really count.


Later we made these. Twix. Seriously. Without all the preservatives and chemicals. TJ's animal cookies with TJ's fleur de sel caramel and melted tj's semisweet choc chips. Put on a dirty old cookie sheet with a bunch of glitter stuck in the corner, (optional added effects contributed by children), and freeze. You will thank me. I apologize that they are about as ugly as sin, or is that my prehistoric cookie sheet? Thankfully it does not affect their taste either way.

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