Thursday, September 12, 2013

The thing about Texas, Day #6

Our 6th day away from home and I am feeling beautiful! Here are my FB posts, to give a little taste of our day.

10:02 AM--I got 8 hours of sleep last night--for the first time in probably a year! Now I am enjoying extended quiet time while my children run around in the back yard catching teeny tiny frogs and minnows with newfound friends. I wholly repent for any and all negative things I have ever spoken about the great state of Texas.

11:30 PM--My children kept averring that Houston was not really a very big city. So today I drove them to the smack dab middle of downtown and took them in the glass elevator all the way up to the 32nd floor! Hah! That showed THEM!

I guess I really have missed big cities. I really wanted to go downtown. I knew one of those big buildings had to be a really fancy hotel! Sure enough, just driving around in between skyscrapers, we found a Hyatt, and parking right next to it, too! OK, it cost me $5 for an hour, but the whole experience was awesome. The concierge at the front asked me if we wanted to ride the elevators, and I said, "Can we?" "Yes! You can go all the way up!" Was his reply. He was so nice and friendly even though it was clear we were not staying there. Silas saw the glass elevators going up and down and became timid, and kept telling me, "I don't want to go in the alligator!" But after the bathroom (yes, we used the bathroom for free too!) I told him we would go in, and he could close his eyes. I ended up having to hold him, but I thought it was super fun! You could choose the elevator facing the street or the one facing the lobby. Sparrow discovered she is afraid of heights. Golden is not.

Then I got a vat of beef at Freebirds for lunch and took--it--to--Chick-Fil-A to eat while my children ate their fare. Halfway through, I realized I was committing a chick-fil-a crime: eating beef on the premises. So I had Sparrow take a picture. 

I can't post pictures yet because I need a cable or a card reader!

Later we went to Trader Joe's and I ran into Kerry Sawyer and all her children. We were going to hang out tomorrow anyways, how funny! Then I cooked dinner for the Vaughns. Have I mentioned that they are awesome?

Golden had a hard day. She slammed her pinkie in the car door and the nail turned all purple. Then she kept hurting herself in other little ways. Poor girl.

Sparrow is fast friends with Lana, age 8. Love to see them run around together.

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