Monday, October 28, 2013

August, September, October Quotes

Sp. (G, age 7) "I can't wait to get my very own horse."
Go. (G, age 5): "I can't wait to get my very own dog."
Si. (B, age 3): "I can't wait to get my very own truck."  Typical! -Sept.18

Sparrow was asking me about trucks, and she said, "What was the first truck ever built?" I said, "I'm not sure, maybe it was a military truck." She says, "No, I mean what species?" (said like someone who watches nature shows or something!) -Sept. 18

me: "Are you going to do helpful things for your wife when you grow up?"
Si: "When I grow up to be a big motorcycle rider." -Sept.

Sp., speculating on a lost Amazon order: "Mom—maybe the mail guy got confused, or he found something that rhymes with 'The United States,' and he doesn't hear very good, and he put it there instead." -Oct. 10

Silas calls robots "Ro-butts." Hahahaha. -Oct. 2013

G: "And then if something dirty got in the bread dough and we would accidentally bake it, and then Jeannie would eat it. All-timer Jeannie."
me: "What? Why do you call her all-timer Jeannie? Do you mean old-timer?"
G: "No, because she has that thing!"
Sp: "It's called Alz-heimers, Golden." -Oct. 17

Silas: "I want to sit in Pippa's chair!"
Me: "Well that's her chair and she is going to have to sit there."
Silas starts fake-crying.
Me: "Hey! You're too big to be crying over a high chair!"
Silas: "But I wanna be LITTLE!"  -Oct. 13
(Awww..I want you to be little too, little man. But soon you will be off to college. Or ice fishing in Alaska or something. For now, we have to figure out how to stop whining over the seating arrangement.)

Sparrow: "How could you EVER, EVER tell if the number said one-dee-eight, or eighteen?"
Deep thoughts always happen on car rides. -Oct. 20

My son found a slingshot and called it a "screen shot." Oh boy.-Oct. 23

I asked Sparrow to give me a narration of Genesis 30. She says, "Well, basically, there was a birth contest, and then Jacob wanted to go home. " LOL. Well said. -Oct. 24

I turned the light off after saying goodnight.
Silas: "I have a black eye! In the dark! I have two black eyes! There's black in my eyes!" -Oct. 26

me: "Silas, do you like dressing up?"
Si: "No."
me: "I mean,do you want a costume for when we go to the harvest festival?"

Si: "No, I wanna go to the harvesters because I wanna see the wheels."  -Oct. 27

Silas: "Me and Golden and Silas are sitting on the table!" -Oct. 28

Silas, praying: "Thank you God, for Daddy. And that when he comes home we'll all run over and shout, DADDYYYYYYY!"
Golden, aside, mumbles, "That's the first time he hasn't prayed about trucks."
Silas: "And for cars." -Oct. 28

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