Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pippa, Pippa, Pippa

I have to write Pippa's progress report! I did this every couple of months with the older girls, and a little bit with Silas, but have hardly done it at all with Pippa. Ah, to be the 4th child.

Pippa is 19 months old now and...a go-getter. (Are there ANY 4th children that just sit around like blobs doing nothing?)

She has a handful of solid words now. The other day she pointed to a book and said "All of 'em." I thought, "What?! All of what?" When I realized she was saying "elephant." How cute! Every time you admonish her or tell her to do something or not to do something, she says, "Okay," or "Awipe." (all right.) Or "I won't." But she is just saying it cause it's the THING to say! She STILL climbs onto my desk despite all the Okays.

The other day, on our shopping day, I had all 4 children with me. Pippa, in one short day, accomplished all of the following:

Tried to get off of a play structure from a really high ledge, scooting forward. Her bum and legs were off, and she was holding on to the bars behind her with all her strength, shouting "Mama! Mama!" until I ran over and rescued her.

Ran off and climbed up the gigantic ladder in the aisle at Michaels giving me a heart attack.

Learned how to climb down from a shopping cart without getting hurt.

Climbed up AND down the big bunk bed that doesn't even have a ladder on it.

Got called "Pippi Longstocking" twice by random strangers.

Pulled a big tall dresser down on top of herself like it was nothing. (Yes, I sprang over like superwoman and saved her from true injury.)

Screamed like crazy when put to bed, then took matters into her own hands, climbed out of her crib, open the bathroom door, and hung out with me nonchalantly while I was showering. (I thought she was Silas for like 5 minutes, til I asked him to close door and he DID, but I heard teeny tiny footsteps, not Silas-sized ones, and poked my wet head out to find Pippa!)

Child is voracious. She also says crouton, apple, raisin, milk, cheese, i don't know (I nu no), Sparrow (wa-woah), bye bye, hello, baby, doggy (goggy), cuppy, bubble, bum bum, night night, milk, cream, knock knock, and her super famous, "I DO, I DO, I DO, I DO, I DO!" LOL, this one cracks me up, it is SO fourth child. When mom asks who wants food or whatever, all the older ones assert themselves and fall upon the goods. Pippa has learned survival: to yell " I DO!!!" really fast over and over, or she won't get any! She does it immediately when she hears the older ones saying "I do," even though most of the time she has no idea what they're saying it about! Hahahaha.

We call her Lee-lee. And Big Baby. And beanie. And jelly bean. Here she is in all her glory.

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