Friday, December 6, 2013

November Quotes

Sp: "I can't wait til we get a new president."
Si: "Yeah, AND a new PRESENT!" -Nov. 1

G: "Is Pennsylvania where pencils be made?" -Nov. 4

G: "When I look into your eyes I feel like I'll grow up all at once." -Nov. 4

Sp: "I think wailing is a little better than failing. ...Actually, they're kind of related."
me: "How so?"
Sp: "Because wailing is what you do when you fail sometimes. ...AND they rhyme." -Nov. 9

Silas, on the drive home from the apple orchard: "I'm gonna pray that Daddy gets some apples with his hummus, And he will be SO excited. ...PLease, God, that Daddy would get some apples with his hummus. Please, God...Please, God...Please, God...Amen." -Nov. 8

Sp (still getting the hang of this reading thing: "Does that say a FAIRY CARROT?" (amazed, cause it was in the Bible.)
me, laughing: "No, a FIERY CHARIOT." -Nov. 27

G: "At Traja Joe's, I didn't find the chesure chest but the guy gave me a lollipop anyways, and it didn't taste like a lollipop to me."
Sp: "What did it taste like?"
G: "A hot—gross—tomato stick." -Nov. 27

Pippa, pointing to an elephant in a book, says, "All of 'em!" (And she thinks any exotic animal is called an "all of 'em." LOL) -Nov. 29

While eating ice cream recently, Silas was introduced to the concept of "brain freeze," but the only part that stuck with him was the word "brain." So he comes up to me later, and says, happily,
"I don't have a brain!"
me: "Oh I think you have a brain."
Si: "No, I don't have a brain! Cause it doesn't hurt in my MOUTH!" -Nov. 30

me, finishing the morning Bible reading: "Sparrow, what was that passage about?"
Sp: "King Herod was having a meeting with some people, who made friends with...blasphemy." (LOL! Blastus, the King's secretary, from Acts 12:20) -Nov. 30

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