Saturday, March 8, 2008

only one religion would do this...

i check out the news every now and again. the muslim world is so agitated, it is getting more cataclysmic, more restless out there every day. contrary to popular belief, i do NOT hate muslims, and i KNOW that there are those out there who have been raised in "moderate" muslim homes, and do not rejoice at the violence done in their name. but two points: 1) where is their voice in protesting the evil? and 2) "moderation" is not the true heart of islam, not the example set by muhammad. in reading the quran and the hadith, you find that everything the "radicals" are doing is true to their scripture, incited by the holy writings and by the life of the prophet. "moderates" have changed the meanings of the scriptures to fit what they think life should be like (they may be more humane, but they are wrong to think they are still following the quran.) much like "moderate" christians who like to read the Bible in context of their life in the world, rather than live life in the world in the context of God's word.

read this about a muslim PROTEST IN LOS ANGELES, a protest to mourning children's lives who were lost in a "religious" shooting at their seminary in israel. no, infidels may not even mourn the deaths of their children!

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