Thursday, April 3, 2008

vignettes of sparrow


"very, very more." (she was asking for more food, i think.)

"more polar bear, mama!" (she meant 'granola bar'--hee hee!)-feb. 21


(she was supposed to be settling down for her nap)
"one song, mama!" (waggling her finger) "one song about boy." -march 1st
(she always wants me to sing "about samuel" or about other specific people)

mom: "sparrow, do you wanna walk barefoot?"
sparrow: "the bees and the wormies!" (because thomas told her once that she was likely to step on bees and wormies if she walked barefoot in the parking lot.) -march 2

"that's a good one!" (when she slid dow thomas' knees like a slide) -march 9

"Lizard is sleeping--lizard is taking a nap." (when she saw a smushed lizard on the road.) -march 9

"sparrow bonked this eye!" -march 10

"mama will drink the beer." -march 10

"hippopotamus barking right there." (looking at a hippo in a book that had his mouth wide open) -march 11

"there's the engine!" (she meant 'pigeon') -march 13

"i need more maybe" (she meant 'mayonnaise' but she said maybe--so cute!) -march 13

(she was playing outdoors and found a stick. she placed it on top of a picnic table. i was sitting on one of the table's benches. she sat down opposite me and stuck out her hands for me to hold them.)
"pray, mama!" (ok... so i prayed.)
when i said amen, she said, "let's eat!...the stick!" -march 13

"goes stop! and stop!" (trying to describe how this little 'loading' sign on my computer had colorful little balls going back and forth. she was really excited about them.) -mid-march

"there's the buggy buggy butterfly." -march 16

she sang "Jesus loves me" all on her own initiative, march 16

"see the moon, mama? like quesadilla!" -march 17

we were at the pet store and she walked over to the rabbit cages and peeked in. there weren't any at the time, so she says "Not home!" and walks on.

we also saw a cool sahara snake at the pet store that was really strong--it kept shimmy-ing straight up the corner of its glass cage almost to its full length. she looked at it and said, "so tall!" -march 17

(as i was brushing her teeth)
"have to do the gumline!" (hahahaha! i must have said that to her enough times by now that she thought it was quite important!) -march 17

i was having a horrible day, and getting ready in the bathroom in the morning while she was in the bedroom. all of a sudden i hear her sing:
"twinkle, twinkle, little mommy!" (i sprung a few tears at that point. and a smile.) -march 20

she counted to 10 all by herself for the 1st time on march 20th.

"daddy--do it again!" when he was chasing her around the living room -march 20

we were all in the car together, and she kept saying, "go up! go up! go up!" finally we realized she was talking about rolling up the window, and when we rolled it up, she said, "THERE you go!" -march 21

"mama count to three!" -march 21

"foot is too small!" (trying to stuff it into a coffee cup) -march 21

"i'm sitting on the blue car." (sure enough, she was sitting on a blue toy car. her sentences and grammar are usually so accurate! i am constantly amazed.) -march 21

me, to thomas: "she loves it."
sparrow: "i love it!" -march 21

(we are looking at a book where there is a little mouse on every page.)
me: "where's the mouse sparrow?"
she looks around on the page, doesn't see it, then points to the window and says,
"mouse went to the store." -march 22

"white stars going down on the white mountains." (describing a page in 'goodnight moon') -march 22

march 22--she read me pretty much the entire book she loves, 'mimi's book of opposites,' with only 2 mistakes! she has also memorized most of the pages in 'all tutus should be pink.' soooo cute! she quotes her books randomly throughout the day, too, saying "7, 8, celebrate!" or "emily has a pink tutu, too. she's the best friend i ever had!" sometimes she quotes a line from something that's been back at the library for a week!

"Hi, Hope! wanna swing?" (at the playground.) -march 25

"cat made a sandcastle! happy birthday sandcastle!" (the sandcastle in the book looked like a cake.) -march 25

thomas and i drink a lot of sparkling water. she usually says of her water, "this is not bubble water! this is nummle water!" ('normal') on this day i was giving her a drink of water real fast before leaving the house. she interrupts her drink to tell me earnestly, "this is not bubble water! bubble water's not home!" -march 25

OH and one of my NOT favorites that she's been saying a lot lately is "no way!" like, "come on sparrow, it's time to go home!" she says, "no way, mama." ooh! where did she get that????

"that's a grasshopper! hops in the grass." (who told her that? not me!) -march 25
(it's really funny because she knows so many long animal names like polar bear, hippopotamus, praying mantis, but she also wants to lengthen 'spider.' she always calls it "spiderweb.")

she got her 1st sunburn! march 25th. i think it's because she's not breastfeeding anymore, or because she is eating a little more sugars than she was last summer. last summer i had her practically naked (and sometimes totally naked) on the beach for about 6 whole hours one day, no sunscreen, and she didn't get a hint of burn. this time we were only out for 2 or 3 hours, and she got burned on her neck and shoulders. i am definitely now searching for a blue-green algae product which she can drink in a shake every day!

(looking once again at a book)
"mama, a baby deer is called a fawn."
(wow! i told her that like once or twice!! it's so cute how she says 'fawn' too--she opens her mouth really wide.) -late march

whenever she is saying something she thinks is important, she nods her little head while she says it. so cute!!


merochan said...

hee hee hee. . .I read those all in one sitting. . very cute!!! Ah, Sparrow child. . . these children are growing sooo quickly. . .Natalie will be 7 this year!

The Fredricksons said...

These are great. I would love for Trey and Sparrow to hang out again would be hilarious to watch them interact and talk to eachother...she says alot of the same things as Trey. Has she started asking you "Why, momma?" Oh man, this one gets so annoying real fast. So I do it back to him...hahaha.