Friday, October 3, 2008

quotes galore at 2 1/2

"i did sleep good." (we didn't ask!) 06-08-08

"daddy, mommy did get my tutu." 06-08 (i love how she substitutes "did" when she is not sure how to conjugate something into past tense. she is so smart! she goes with "did" and keeps the tense as she knows it.)

"yes, jesus! yes, mommy and daddy!" 06-14

"oh my goodness. that's nasty. my ice cream is nasty!" 06-27

"grabioli." (ravioli) -sometime in june or july

we were looking at a book with a drawing of some goats; they had scraggly little beards which she looked at and said:
"the goats are eating some spaghetti or something!" -sometime in july

there was a homeless man in the parking lot of albertsons. he had a big old hat on and a big old shopping cart piled with stuff. sparrow, seeing him, said,
"look! the farmer is here!" 07-03

"i got my fingernails in the bagel store." 07-03

"i wanna play with the burst-a-bulb. i wanna read about the burst-a-bulb." 07-03
(this was in reference to a story book that talked about the sun that burst a bulb.)

"night-night, belly. night-night, tatas. night-night big belly." 07-31

"it's morning time! ...uncle's still sleeping." 08-04

"God makes GREAT popsicles!" (miracles) 08-04

when she prays at night nowadays, she prays gibberish a lot. baby tongues? we do trust she will be filled with the holy spirit!

"i will see a bangeroom in this book." (boomerang) 08-17

"i need to crash (crush) my mountains." (trying to flatten the bumps her zipper makes on her pajamas) 08-17

me: "it would be good if you could walk."
sp: "it would be good if i could be happy." 08-18

"the goats are eating some spaghetti or something." (august)
(she was looking at a book. the goats had stringy beards!)

"he's sitting down like a tall tree." 09-01

sp: "is she still sucking on your finger?"
me: "no."
sp: "is she still sucking on your eyebrows?" 09-01

she is saying "kay" before speaking, because that is what i do!!! so funny, i noticed that i usually start with K (as in "OK"), like "K, we're gonna have to go pretty soon," or "K, be really gentle with that." now she is speaking similarly!

"god loves my tea. god is gonna taste it too." 09-03

"mama, can you teach me how to make an ampersand?" 09-03

sp: "i want normal milk."
me: "you have normal milk."
sp: "no, this is water milk." 09-24
(during a stage where i was trying to save money on almond milk by watering it down slightly. she will not be fooled!)

"mom, are you burping the child?" 09-10

me: "are you a birdie?"
sp: "yes, i'm a birdie!" (runs off to play.) later:
sp: "hey mommy birdie!"
me: "hey baby birdie!"
sp: "baby birdies is in the bedroom."
me: "well what are you?"
sp: "i'm still a bigger birdie."
me: "oh."
sp: "where's daddy birdie? where's rick birdie?" 09-10

"my hands are all prinklied." 09-10 (after a bath)

"here goes a storm!" (dumping water in the sink) 09-10

because sparrow loves to climb and bounce on me when i'm nursing, i have been telling her, "i'm not a jungle gym!" the other day she realized it before i could tell her:
"mom, are you not a jungle gym?" 09-10

sparrow playing with a cutout character she got from a craft at sunday school.
sp: "here's a bath for jesus. i'm gonna get his nice long hair wet." (dipping him into a toy bread pan.) "he's crying."
me: "oh yeah? what does he sound like?"
sp: "he sounds like...a weasel." 09-10

sp: "people ate derika, mama."
me: "what? people like derika? people like her?" (trying to hear correctly)
sp: "no. derika got eaten." 09-10

"can i come up here? i still need lots of love." 09-13

me: you're gonna grow up and leave the nest...
sp: "and i got my father,"
me: "yes, and you'll get a husband and babies..."
sp: "and then, i'm gonna find an heir!" 09-17
(just kidding! what she actually said was i'm gonna fly in the air, like the ducks that were flying away in the story. but i sure was trippin' when i thought she said she was gonna find an heir!)

"oh yeah!" or "oh. yah." all the time!!

"when daddy gets bigger, he will sleep in my bed." 09-20

"the deepness" 09-21 (she kept talking about "the deepness" for some reason but i don't know where she got that lingo from!)

(hears music from swan lake on the tv)
"swan lake! swan lake is here! it's waiting for me!" 09-22

"a bat flies! but only purple bats can fly. but no gray bats can fly." 09-22

"when golden gets bigger, she will able to say bungy bungy! and she will able to take a bath and wash her hair and get her toys and go on the big potty, an dgo on the potty, and walk, and spray something, and get her spray bottle..." etc. 09-23

"when uncle gets little, he will able to cry." 09-23

"be careful little goat where you walk...
be careful little trees where you grow...
be careful little brushes where you paint...
be careful little guitar where you sing..." 09-25

me: baby, don't put your spoon in the salsa."
sp: "it's gonna get too salsy." 09-25

responding to the question "what did you do today?"
sp: "i did sleep good and i did some food and some tea and some toys and some books." 09-27

me: "what time did you wake up?"
sp: "i woke up for 10 hours." 09-27

"my armpit is actually kinda wet." 09-29

she randomly named my big blue exercise ball "mr. jillian." WHERE do these things come from? but now she always refers to it as mr. jillian, and so do we, of course! (sept.)

(thomas on computer)
thomas: "so i'm just gonna go to craigslist."
sp: "i wanna go all together!"
(sometime in sept.)

"is jesus comin'?" (looking suspiciously around her.) (sept.)

i am usually pretty tired and monotone with poor sparrow. well one day, i decided to try to get a little more enthusiastic (was probably inspired by marylinn byers) and i started saying something to sparrow enthusiastically, with big eyes, and apparently freaked her out, cause she said immediately,
"No! i don't want a voice!" (sept.)

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