Sunday, October 19, 2008

sparrow's avant-garde pumpkin

we are going to a little class every friday called "growing times." it is put on by sbcc adult ed and is a fun preschool-style setup, except all the moms are there too. (which is why it's so cheap!) it has been saving my sanity cause i don't have to come up with the activities! the one drawback is that of course the discussion topics are from a liberal standpoint, and i get no say in the kids' crafts.

october is here, so of course the crafts involved black spiders and jack-o-lanterns this past week. but sparrow, she has no respect for the traditional jack-o-lantern. she pasted those eyes, and mouths every which way, and kept on pouring the glue on top as if it were paint. hah! that's my girl. all the other moms were strictly directing their toddlers where to paste the shapes--doing it for them, in fact, but hey. i figure, it's sparrow's craft, and she should paste the shapes wherever the heck she wants. hers was the only avant-garde jack-o-lantern in the room. making mama proud!

she loves this thing, and even tried to take it to sunday school to show miss paula today!

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