Friday, February 5, 2010

january jollies

"sometimes, when we go to heaven, we can leave some of our stuff at home." -jan. 2

"i like feeling golden's skin. it's so skinny." -jan. 2

"i made a big nest for golden to sleep in when she's about...two." -jan. 8

sparrow telling me about her dream:
"...and it poked me in the back with its mouth."
me: "what poked you in the back?"
sp: "a fierce bad lizard." -jan. 10

"here's my baby. i named her rubella. that's her first name. she might not be named squasher after all because that might be a boy name." -jan. 10

"golden put the rabbit on the ground! ...she's a nice girl, but sometimes she does mean things."
-jan. 12

"her ice is dissing appear!" (she meant "disappearing") -jan. 16

me: "did you make this cake?"
sp: "yes, and it's chocolate. and i put sugar in it and chocolate in it and fried beans in it and oats in it." -jan. 19

(we were looking at a page of school stickers and sparrow was having me read each phrase aloud. this particular one had a lisa-frank style pony on it)
sp: "what does this one say?"
me: "giant step forward."
sp: "you mean, 'giant, step out of the way, because horsie's walking'?" -jan. 21

"i feel someone knocking on my heart." -jan. 25

"my horse is really stinky and dirty. i'm gonna milk it."
"oh no! the acorns fell in the milk! ...what a waste of acorns!" -jan. 27

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